Sweater Weather! ❆

….or as i like to say, sweather weather lol! I thought this was a cute seasonal tag so i thought i’d join in today :) also, contrary to what i thought.. i guess you guys like listening to me ramble (my haul video) lol. My sweater is from NDK Boutique, thank you Nadia!!

I’ve included my makeup details below as well! Enjoy! xo

Let the selfie games begin..

Product List:
  • Face:
    • LA Girl Cosmetics HD Pro Concealer “Classic Ivory” & “Espresso”
    • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC 42
    • Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX06
    • Ben Nye Luxury Powder “Banana”
    • Covergirl Blush “Soft Mink”
    • MAC “Amber Glow” Mineralized Blush as cheek highlight
  • Brows:
    • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo “Brunette” & “Strawburn”
    • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz “Brunette”
    • ELF Clear Brow Gel
  • Eyes:
    • Madison Street Beauty “Red Apple” eyeshadow pigment in crease & lower lashline
    • Lorac Unzipped Palette “Unreal” & “Unbelievable” on lid (rose gold shadows)
    • Lorac Unzipped Palette “Undercover” on inner eye
    • Inglot Gel Eyeliner Matte #77
    • Huda Beauty “Giselle” Lashes
    • L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara – Carbon Black
    • Wet N Wild “Mega Length” Mascara
  • Lips:
    • MAC “Stripdown” Lipliner
    • YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick – #13
    • NARS “Turkish Delight” Lipgloss

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  1. Anonymous
    December 5, 2013 / 3:41 am

    Omg your makeup! Tutorial please!

  2. Anonymous
    December 5, 2013 / 3:46 am

    This look is soooo beautiful on you!

  3. Anonymous
    December 5, 2013 / 4:44 am

    How did you curl your hair in this video? Or what did you use to curl it? i loveee it along with your gorgeous makeup!

  4. Anonymous
    December 5, 2013 / 5:38 am

    I have hair like yours..unfortunately not as long. Pleaseee do a hair tutorial! Maybe even showing how you put your extensions on

  5. Anonymous
    December 5, 2013 / 5:44 am

    The girl with almost same hair requesting hair tutorial has a question, lol… I don’t use liquid foundation, I don’t know how to highlight n countour…all I use is concealer & powder foundation. Would the ben nye luxury powder have enough coverage alone? Or do you recommend using with another foundation? Is it even a foundation??

    • December 5, 2013 / 6:55 am

      Hello! Banana powder is a translucent setting powder, i just use it to set my concealer – you can use any light colored translucent powder! I just like the yellow tones of banana powder!

    • Anonymous
      December 9, 2013 / 7:06 am

      Thanks for your reply! Just wondering….could you do a retro hairstyle tutorial? I looked at other youtubers n my hair just doesn’t work with their techniques. I’m hoping to have a retro type look for new years. Plus tbh I think u would look glamorous! Plz do one for ur fans! :) thanks love

    • December 11, 2013 / 4:12 am

      HI Irene, where can i purchase the huda beauty lashes? i looked allover the net, cant find em!!
      u look grt!

    • December 11, 2013 / 4:13 am

      Hey irene, u look lovely, wanted to ask u where can i purchase the huda beauty lashes? i looked all over the net, no luck!!
      thanks xoox

  6. Anonymous
    December 5, 2013 / 6:47 am

    love ur hair here, would love to see a tutorial on it =]

  7. Anonymous
    December 5, 2013 / 5:09 pm

    Your hair is SO PERFECT in the video!

  8. Anonymous
    December 6, 2013 / 4:27 am

    What curling iron (and size) did you use to curl your hair, it looks beautiful!!

  9. Anonymous
    December 6, 2013 / 7:25 pm

    That color is soo beautiful on you!

  10. December 8, 2013 / 5:00 pm

    Omgoshhhhh Irene! Stunning..hair tutorial please please please please puuuhhhlease!

  11. Anonymous
    February 23, 2014 / 3:47 am

    Where did you get that couples sweater made?! I have looked absolutely everywhereee!!!!

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