Valentine’s Day Makeup + Outfit!

Hello my sweethearts!! If you follow me on Instagram you know i’ve been all over the place over this makeup look lol!! I did my makeup and was like whoa I look damn good! then i took some selfies and was like AGH! i look the same! this makeup looks like every other tutorial, i should just delete the footage! but thenn i sat down to edit my footage today and i was in love again! Sigh.. my eyes are huge, everyone that thinks that’s a good thing.. it isn’t! i have so much eyelid space but the way that my eyes are set you can’t see my lid or even CREASE color when my eyes are open… soooo my makeup always looks the same even regardless of how i do my liner. Annoying! Its only when you get close up that you can see the eyeshadows, etc… and who really gets to get that close to my face? bah! lol

Anywhooo!! Here are a ton of selfies as well as an Vday outfit idea, video is at the bottom.. enjoy!!

Good Lord, i went HAM on the selfies didn’t I? lol

Outfit timeee!

So i love anything sweats-ish… you guys know how much i’m loving the dressed up sweatpants trend. I LOVE a good sweatshirt as well!! sweatshirts > sweaters any day! So i thought this outfit i put together was really cute but comfy at the same time. although the shirt isn’t a proper sweatshirt, its bulky and loose like one.. a sweatshirt without the warmth hehe! I paired it with a leather mini and was good to go! Easy peasy but well put together.

Top: LookBook Store

Skirt: Forever 21 – purchased recently but i cant find it on the website.. here is something similar.

Shoes: DSW –  I’m not really into loud pops of color, I’m pretty neutral when it comes to clothes – especially shoes but these shoes were on sale for $12 and my husband really liked them so i couldn’t let a deal like that go! I’ve worn them a couple times already and I’m in love! I love anything that’s nude patent leather.. like ANYTHING! and the pop of hot pink was something different for me. how daring.. not lol

Watch: Toy Watch

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