Ariana Grande X 70s Chic

This outfit is such a hodge podge of different things but it all pulled together as super retro / 70s to me. I put this effortless shift dress on but was in desperate need of a pedicure and since 99% of my heels are open toe i just grabbed these wedge boots and called it a day. My husband chuckled and said that I looked like Ariana Grande haha! I see what he meant because of her “Problem” video and i can’t say that i was mad about the comparison! She is adorable and forever girly, how can i not love her?

Before we dive into photos let me chat about this Mirelle London bag really quick! First, fun fact: these bags are made exclusively in the UK! The designer, Shaheda, reached out to me about her line which debuted at London Fashion Week this past February. Obviously i was drawn to her designs because they are gorg (aaand who doesn’t LOVE tweed??) but i loved the fact that she is Bengali like me! I love finding creative and entrepreneurial women that come from similar background as myself – breaking molds, stepping outside of the box, and embracing our passions is not easy in our communities. Knowing that there are women even across the pond that understand the pressures I’ve felt earlier in my life is extremely refreshing.. Don’t be afraid to break that glass ceiling ladies! My earrings are also from another Bengali sista of mine, Hamida! We go waaaaay back to my Xanga days and ironically enough she is also from the UK! Okay, I’m done being sensitive for now 🙂

Enjoy the photos, details are at the bottom! xo

Dress: Koogal | Boots: Choies | Bag: Mirelle London | Earrings: Wild + Phoenix | Necklace: Kiani Collection | Skull Bracelet & Rings: Cosmicave
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