Makeup Brush & Beauty Blender Care!

Hi pumpkins!! I just posted a quickie talk-through video while i cleaned my brushes the other night! Just like its important to wash your hands, face, towels, etc… its super important to keep your makeup brushes clean too! Imagine all the gunk that builds up on those things!! That gunk is going back onto your freshly cleansed face, oy!!

I’ve used the Sigma Spa Glove to clean my brushes for almost a year now and let me tell you that it is a game changer! And now, believe it or not, they’ve topped themselves! When i first heard about the new 2x Spa Glove i was like “really? two thumbs? how is that supposed to speed things up??” but after receiving a press sample last week i was blown away! Little tweaks really make such a difference; kudos, Sigma for being so forward thinking and innovative. First off, its a lot more comfortable because of it’s smaller size so it doesn’t flop around so much. The textures (bumps, ridges, swirls, etc) are closer together and raised higher which really sped up the cleaning time! Watch me clean the first brush in my demo – a few seconds and it’s done. And the silly two thumbs really is great lol!!! It makes both sides useable on one hand, so you can swirl away with your dominant hand without having to switch hands between facial brushes and eye brushes. I know it seems trivial.. but again, the little things make all the difference especially for lazy girls like me. hehe