Rainbow Ombré Hair w/ Garnier Color Styler

Girls just wanna have fun, right? Whenever I’m browsing for hair-inspiration I find myself envying all these girls with their pastel and cotton candy hair.

Having black hair, the notion of going blonde just to add color simply isn’t possible and I don’t have amazing celebrity-esque wigs at my fingertips; so I am super excited about Garnier’s brand new, first of it’s kind product, Color Styler! When I say one of a kind I really mean just that! This is not a dye or a chalk – Color Styler has it’s own patented formula that coats each strand of hair with your choice of five different colors that comes out in just a few washes! This product is so fun for commitment-free streaks or accent pieces. I’m going to a concert this weekend so I’ve teamed up with Garnier to bring you a fun and super easy rainbow ombré look to channel your inner popstar! I’ve created the look with three colors: Blue Burst, Purple Mania, & Pink Pop! The end look is so ethereal especially after styling it that no one will believe you did it so easily at home by yourself. The best part? After a few washes, by the time you’re back at work or school on Monday, no one will ever guess that you partied like a popstar all weekend! Rainbow hair just for fun? It’ll be our little secret.

How to Use:

  •  Throw a towel over your shoulders or wear an old T shirt because this product will stain while it’s wet! Make sure your hair is dry and untangled.
  • Put on the gloves provided
  • Shake the bottle of Color Styler, no mixing is required for this hair color!
  • Squeeze a few drops of the product onto your fingertips and rub them together, avoid using too much product at once as it may get difficult to work with and leave a rough texture on your hair after applying.
  • Apply Color Styler to the sections you’d like to color. Run your fingers in a downward motion to paint the hair. “Rolling” your hair in-between your fingers will help to ensure that you’ve coated all sides of the hair with your color of choice.
  • Re-apply product in the same manner until you’ve reached your desired intensity. Make sure your hair is dry before applying your next layer – using a blowdryer will speed up the process!
  • Allow Color Styler to completely dry and then brush your hair with a wide toothed comb or brush.
  • You’re all done! Style your hair as usual and rock your colorful-do!

Garnier and I are on the search for the funnest girl in the world! You’ve seen my tutorial using Color Styler, and I know you’ve seen my Instagram photos with my fun new hair; but now it’s your turn to be discovered! Snap your funnest selfie, with an even more fun caption, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #FunnestGirl for your chance to be crowned Garnier’s Funnest Girl in the World! Don’t forget to tell us why you deserve the title and to be their spokesmodel. Your reign will last 72 hours in which you will be featured on Color Styler’s website and across their social media!

FTC: Video & blog-post sponsored by Garnier & Style Coalition. All opinions are my own of course and I am obsessed with my hair color!!