New Year, New Hair! Haircut & Style

Hello my loves!

I always get super nervous before a haircut (which is about once a year haha), but I think this one turned out pretty great – probably my favorite yet! You guys gave me such great feedback on it also that I wanted to address a few of your questions I kept seeing pop up in my comments. What to tell your hairstylist if you want this haircut or what this haircut is called: I don’t know anything about haircut names shmames but I just told my hairdresser that I wanted a blunt cut around chest length, no layers outside of my face frame. I’m a little more specific about my face frame though.. I like it thick, chunky, and a little disconnected if that makes sense. my hair grows forward, which is why it’s always in my face, and it naturally flips in *angry fists*. Having my face frame a little thicker makes it much easier for me to style and flip out. After every single haircut I always come home, grab blunt scissors, and start chopping at my faceframe because it’s never how I want it but this is the first time I was able to let it be 🙂 If you’re wondering who cut my hair, it was this talented Patrick.

Many of you asked for a tutorial of my hair below but honestly, I did absolutely nothing different than I normally do! 32mm barrel curls away from my face, pin-set bangs. That’s it! I’ve included some my styling videos below if you’ve missed them.

Dress: Kiss & Tell | Flowers: Haute Fleurs


Wearing the Christina dress from WantMyLook – Use code ‘irene‘ for discount!

My above ombré extensions are from and they’re absolutely lovely! I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’ve received some pretty ratchet dipdye damaged “ombre” in the past but these are sooo soft and silky and they matched my hair very well, even the length is around my new length so I loved the seamless volume they gave me. It’s important to know when purchasing any ombre style extensions that they won’t magically give you an ombre unless you already have ombre, they will always look like highlights but the nice thing about ombred pieces instead of just clipping in lighter hair is that it’ll match your roots to result in a grown-out highlight look. Pretty neat!

How I curl my hair (2 videos):

How I style my bangs: