Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition LA

Happy Oscars Sunday!

I just finished watching the awards and am settling in for the night. I spent this rainy, gloomy, Sunday with some girlfriends and we finally went to check out the Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibition. Today was the last day it was running so I’m happy we toughed it out waiting in line in the cold (ha.. so spoiled already). This exhibition is said to be a modern interpretation of the Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection and LA is the first city this year to host the event! There were different rooms each representing the Past, Present, and Future Louis Vuitton collections and each one was so dope! Afterwards, we headed over to a seafood boil (?? my first!) and binge-ate!

Today was also the day that I finally got on Snapchat LOL!!! It took me so long to figure it out and today I finally got it and i serrrrriously feel like I’ve been missing out, wah!!!  I was so busy snapping today that I didn’t take as many photos of the exhibit as I wanted to lol!! Be sure to add me: irenesarah // hopefully my “story” from today is still available to check out… I’m still learning!


LV-28 LV-29


Quite the gaggle of talented women! From journalists to entertainment hosts, makeup artists, singers, dancers, actresses… I’m just on selfie stick duty! Check out my fwends!

From L to R: Eman, Amana, Masooma, Sarah, & Melissa


LV-4 LV-5 LV-6 LV-7 LV-8

LV-1-2 LV-9 LV-10 LV-11 LV-12 LV-13 LV-14



Serving #Scandal realness.

LV-17 LV-18



Outfit Deets:

Trench: HERE | Shoes: HERE | Bag: Celine – Consignment: HERE / inspired/Cheaper: HERE, HERE

LV-20 LV-23 LV-24 LV-25 LV-26 LV-27 LV-30

GEEKED before food…



Beached after food! zzzzz