How to: Start a YouTube Channel

Hello my loves!

I get a lot of emails from girls wondering how to get into this whole YouTube/Blogging world and then everything that comes along with it.. how to make money, making friends, growing your audience, etc. I put together a little chitchatty video today with a few very simple tips! It’s all much easier to dive into than you may think!

Let’s get to it:

  1. Just do it! The number one question I get is HOW, the big secret is that there is no secret! If you want to do something just dive in and give it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose.. a YouTube account is free, you can use a free blogging platform if you want to to go the blog route (like blogspot), and you can delete said accounts at any time if you change your mind!
  2. How do I make money??? There are a lot of different ways to monetize your YouTube Channel. The more simple are display ads, YouTube is a google product so if you’re approved as a YouTube partner your adsense account will automatically be linked to your channel. I believe you can monetize videos now even if you’re not a partner.. Don’t quote me on that though, I became a partner within months of starting my channel (goes to show that you don’t need to have a huge following to get approved!). Just apply, it’s so easy!! After you have a channel going you can of course join a private network where you can negotiate higher display ad revenue percentages, and you get the support of a community and what ever opportunities come from that. I am a part of StyleHaul and I love them! If you’re looking for more than just ads and hope to get branded content opportunities there are a ton of different ways to go about that.. When your channel gets a little bigger you can join more exclusive networks/agencies, find representation, etc but when you’re first starting out (or even if you’re bigger and want another revenue stream), you can join a marketplace site like Grapevine. Brands will post campaigns that they’re running for a new product, product line, app, service, etc and you apply, agree to a rate, and get to your content creation!
    1. Does sponsored content mean you’ve sold out??? haha addendum A. I’ve been wanting to talk about this for the longest time but never knew how so I thought this would be the perfect place to have this little side conversation. Without knowing the ins and outs of the blogging world, let’s take a step back and realize how much work this all is especially for full time bloggers.. it is truly in the most literal sense, a job. Just because you’re paid for something doesn’t mean you’re doing it without passion or love. I would hope that most people love and enjoy the work that they do! So it all boils down to trust. You follow or subscribe to someone because you trust them; you trust their recommendations and their opinion holds some kind of weight for you. I hope you all keep up with me because you trust me and that some of products i’ve recommended have worked well for you! I can’t speak for everyone but I personally do not endorse things that I do not like, enjoy, use, etc. I go more in depth about this in my video but It doesn’t even come down to the matter of “oh, it’s not worth the money because I don’t like it!” — I literally don’t even get to the point of knowing how much a campaign is paying if I’m not interested in the product. I understand the outside skepticism. This is all very new and the blogging environment is constantly changing and evolving, we just have to evolve along with it!
  3. Consistency & Cross Promotion. It is SO important to constantly be cross promoting your content. You never know how someone will discover you, if they land on your twitter page they better known immediately that you have a YouTube channel and that you’ve just uploaded a new video. This new person stumbling across you could be a brand, potential subscriber, who knows! I believe in social media synergy! You want yourself, your brand, your machine to be greater than the sum of it’s parts (ie your social networks!). Everything should strengthen the other. 🙂 Cross promotion is all fine and dandy but you need content to promote! Consistency is so so so so important! If i don’t post, I don’t grow, period. I’ve had my channel since 2010 but it was always just something I had sitting around, I would post every now and then whenever i felt like it or had the time. If you are looking to make money on Youtube this is uneffective, you need to attract new people to your channel, as well as not loose any existing following. All big youtube stars post on a weekly basis at the minimum in order to keep their fanbase growing and advert revenue consistant. I became more consistent about it and took all this more seriously last summer and in those last 6-8 months i’ve seen tremendous growth and have had such amazing opportunities come my way and that’s all because of you guys!!! Thank you.
  4. Make Friends. This is called a community for a reason. Get to know your peers, we all obviously have some interests in common. It’s so great to have people in your life that get it; They get that YouTube is hard, that it gets stressful sometimes, that it’s hard to reach your personal & professional goals. I’ve made some amazing friendships in this “world” and it’s seriously so great to have people that you can lean on and inspire you. Collaborate if possible, push each other up, there shouldn’t be any room for cattiness or drama. Just because someone subscribes to you doesn’t mean that they won’t subscribe to them.. there’s literally more than enough space for everyone.
  5. Have Fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously and just enjoy your time!! So many people sit around and stress about numbers & what others are doing; realize that you’re doing this first because you enjoy it! Putting in the effort or working hard doesn’t mean quitting your job and dedicating your life to it. Keep doing what you’re doing and if your channel/blog grows and turns into something that you need to alter your life around, get to it when it gets to that.. if that makes any sense LOL!

I hope this was helpful!!! If any of you have a blog or channel, leave me a comment below – I’d love to check you out!!!

Thank you all for your love and support, always!