My Morning Routine

Hi loves!

I have a short & sweet morning routine video up on my channel! I had so much fun filming this as it was different for me! Let me know what you think!

You all know I’m a huge fan of facial cleansing brushes, it honestly feels weird to wash my face with my hands now that I’ve gotten so used to it. I’m always trying out different brushes and I recently started using the FOREO Luna Mini. I heard about this device from a friend a few months ago and didn’t really understand what it was until I began using it. It’s the first on the market to use unique, smooth and rounded silicone touch-points instead of nylon bristles so it’s a much gentler alternative especially for those of you with sensitive skin! My skin can take a beating so at first I felt like it was way too gentle. My skin ended up purging for a couple days when I first began using it so i knew it was definitely driving up some long lost dirt and makeup! The Luna Mini uses T-Sonic pulsations to drive all that gunk up! Once my skin cleared I was back to smooth and radiant. The device is an ultra hygienic silicone design, again no nylon bristles which means no replacement heads!! It’s just a one time investment and it charges so easily with a USB charger. Have you guys tried anything from the FOREO line?? I just picked up the toothbrush too!

Enjoy the video! xoxo