Overline Lips + Smashbox Giveaway (100 Winners!!!)

Happy Monday!

I have a super simple but highly requested tutorial up on my channel today – a breakdown of how I over-line my lips! For years I would just line my lips as usual and go a little outside of my natural lip-line. Lately, I’ve been starting above my top lip and working my way down; I call it drawing a little mustache. You’d think that the final result would look the same but I find that this is what works best for me to not only get a dramatic over-lined look but I also have more control over the shape of the final product and it always ends up looking prettier. I had the pleasure of shooting this video at Smashbox Studios; while i was there for the day they taught me how to create custom lip glosses and let me create my own personal color. I ended up with a muted purple / mauve type of color and they named it Irene’s Dusty Rose. Smashbox is doing a giveaway of my gloss and get this.. there will be 100 winners!!!! I’m talking, full sized, proper Smashbox packaging, delivered to your door! & with 100 chances to win, your odds are amazing!! Subscribe to my blog HERE and it’ll take you to the giveaway page right after! Can’t wait to see you guys rocking my lippy, good luck!!


Lip details on my thumbnail: MAC Lip Liner Cork & MAC Lipstick Stone.. out of stock but Gerard Cosmetics Underground is pretty similar (get 25% off with code irene) — tutorial?!