Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators | Review & Swatches


Hello my lovessss! Thank you everyone for the warm wishes!! On my birthday today, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite kind of cake 😉 hehe! We’re all highlight crazy but for me it’s truly an addiction. I got my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators in all four shades: Starlight, So Hollywood, Peach Nectar, & Riviera. I also received Anastasia’s A23 brush which compliments these highlighters beautifully and is a great size to add a topper to your cheeks.


Clockwise from top-left: So Hollywood, Riviera, Starlight, Peach Nectar


Clockwise from top-left: Starlight, Riviera, So Hollywood, Peach Nectar


Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 Brush

The range of these colors are gorgeous and there is something that suits every skintone! They aren’t powdery or ashy and they have a metallic finish that I love! If you don’t like your highlight too bold just apply with a light hand and diffuse for a more subtle look.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Starlight Illuminator

Starlight is the lightest of the four and is essentially colorless. I love ‘white’ highlighters because for me they are the most bold in photos – but I have to make sure I’m bronzed up really well to not look ghost-faced. I also like to lightly dust it on top of a more pigmented highlighter for that extra pop. This would be great on fair-skin even without blush for a luminous glow.


Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Illuminator

So Hollywood is a gorgeous gold – from my instagram feed it seems that this is the most popular shade, no surprise there as it’s a great dupe of MAC Whisper of Gilt. I love its metallic finish.

Peach Nectar and Riviera are more colored and pigmented; they can work as shimmery blushes for some skintones.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Peach Nectar Illuminator

Peach Nectar is described as a “warm rose gold” but I think its far too orange to be considered rose. Its such a beautiful warm shade with wonderful color pay off – I think its beautiful on its own!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Illuminator

Riviera is the most unique out of the bunch! It’s coppery but also a little plum-like, perfect for autumn and also great worn on its own!

Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-Illuminator-swatches Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-Illuminator-swatches-212138502_1193705150646920_7984439767383752074_o

Wearing So Hollywood