What’s in my Travel Gear Bag? | Cameras & Gadgets

Hello from London!

I’m recuperating in our hotel room after a very long day of travels and I’m finally ready to share my camera/gear collection with you! Obviously I filmed this when I was in Mexico two weeks ago but I held off on posting it because of the holiday. I thought I’d squeeze it in before I post my New Years Eve tutorials this week – because who wants to wait another week?! I’ll list the items in order of the video but I’ll include all of the little accessories that I didn’t mention in the video here as we go. Enjoy!


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One thing I didn’t mention in the video because I purchased it afterwards for my Europe trip is this voltage converter & adapter – it’s flippin’ amazing.. it actually converts the power not just an outlet adapter and you only need one and you’re good to go because it has three plugs and four USB ports, two of which are high-speed.