Brown Liquid Lips for Brown Girls

Happy New Year my loves!!

I’ve been putting this video off until after the holidays but just my luck, my two New Years Eve tutorials I had finished to go up while I was in Europe are stuck in limbo right now :-/ it’s a long story but hopefully they will be recovered asap as they are two of my favorite tutorials I’ve done yet. sighh BUT! The good news is that I’m obsessed with this video I have for you today!! I’ll be showing you my collection of brown liquid lipsticks. I think it’s so important to see proper lip-swatches of these on someone that is close to your complexion so I hope my medium-toned babes will find this video extra helpful. When it comes to brown or nude lipsticks it’s very hard to tell how they will translate on your skin, do you remember when Anastasia released “Pure Hollywood” and everyone went nuts over it?? Well, when I finally got my hands on it, it looked like chalk on me!! Womp womp.

While you’re watching this video you might be thinking that some of these colors aren’t even close to being brown and my theory for that is… erhm my skin is brown! If I wear a shade super close to my skin color then the lippie will look nude, if there’s any pink in it it’ll look mauve and if its super cool toned then it will lean towards grey. The only shade that really truly looks brown on my complexion is (perfectly named) “True Brown K” by Miss Kylie Jenner. And to those wondering, no they are not repackaged Colourpop cosmetics liquid lipsticks. The formula is completely different but you cannot beat Colourpop’s range of colors or price point!

kylie-lip-kit-true-brown kylie1

Wearing Kylie Lip Kit “True Brown K”