Travel Vlog: Paris & London


Happy Monday!

Our trip to Paris and London back in 2012 was so beyond exciting for me. It was my first overseas vacation in a very long time (the motherland never counts!), I was going away with Waseem, & hello he ended up proposing to me in Paris! Literally a dream come true. Fast forward 3.5 years, a week away from 2016, both of us burnt out from an extremely busy, but amazing, year and our friends convince us to go to London with them on 6 days notice! We didn’t care that we were running on fumes, we were so excited to jetset with our friends and revisit an itinerary so near and dear to our hearts. My individual Paris and London photo-diaries are on the way but I wanted to share my vlog with you the moment I finished it today! Our 2012 trip was my very first travel vlog; and it wasn’t very good haha so I’m excited to come back with a do-over! We were corny sightseers the whole time so hopefully this isn’t too boring. Enjoy!!

While we wait for the full photo-diaries, here are our Instagram photos from the trip!

Be sure to follow us if you aren’t already! @irenesarah x @waseemstark

& if you’re wondering how Waseem’s photos look so great…


lol!! Just kidding, Waseem did an amazing job on my photos too, and hes able to do it without looking like an idiot haha!


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