Girly Prom Makeup Tutorial

Happy Hump Day!!

I filmed this tutorial a few weeks ago thinking I would edit it for you guys while on my trip buuuut that just did not happen! We were running around constantly, not sleeping, and I got the flu!! I finally got around to editing it over the weekend and it went live on my channel a few days ago but for my lovely blog-fam it’s finally here on the home base haha! I absolutely love this look, it’s so girly and pretty to me. Perfect for spring and for you teenies, I think it’s a great look for prom! As usual its super full coverage so you’ll look flawless in both person and photos. I wish I could dig up my old prom photos to show you what an atrocity it all was but everything is at my mom’s house, wah! You guys have to remind me next time I visit home!

Enjoy the tutorial!! xo


Either I didn’t remember to take photos of this look, or they got lost over the past few weeks but the photo above is a straight screenshot from the video.. aah this is seriously one of my favorite looks!







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