My Laser Hair Removal Experience


Happy Monday my loves!

This has been a highly requested topic for years, body/facial hair management.. ah the struggles of a brown girl! I’m not a ridiculously hairy person but unwanted hair is something that has been somewhat of a nuisance to me, as I’m sure most of you can sympathize and relate. My biggest problem areas were my forehead/hairline and my underarms. My underarms were a problem because they never fully looked “clean shaven” no matter how recently I shaved nor how new or sharp my razor was. My hair is just very dark and coarse and always wanted some attention even sitting under my skin, blegh! My hairline is all kinds of a hot mess. I grew up with my mom teasing me calling it “monkey hair” -_- thanks mom. Not only has God given me several handfuls of baby hair, my actual hair-hair along my hairline didn’t and still doesn’t know how to behave. My widow’s peak had a cowlick so the front chunk of my hair grew straight down, the hair wouldn’t grow long or mix into the rest of my mane so it was just a straggly mess sitting on my forehead 24/7. My mom and I both have babyhair pretty much all over our foreheads except for the very center lol I swear my hairline was just shy of connecting to my brows. I’ve been getting laser hair removal done for about a year at Laser Away in Pasadena, California. I just finished my last face session last week and my body (underarms and Brazilian) is probably just about finished too! Best investment of time and money ever! I really want to start getting my legs done soon. I talk about everything in a ton of detail in the video so, enjoy! I hope it’s helpful. If you have any questions please leave them below. I’m going to do my best to vlog at my next session and ask my girl all of your questions!

Let’s take a stroll through memory lane aka my old hairline lol