Sailing in Santorini


*stretch* Hello my loves!!!

If you’ve kept up with my husband & me on social media you know that we went to Greece & Turkey for our third wedding anniversary! Despite falling extremely sick halfway through, we had an incredible trip and it was one of my favorites yet. We began in Santorini, then Athens, & closed out our travels in Istanbul. Santorini has always been my dream destination and I was so excited to finally check it off of my bucketlist – it did not disappoint and I’m already dreaming about coming back. During our stay, Canaves Oia hotel took us on a semi-private day cruise around the island on a 50 foot yacht via Sunset Oia Sailing. We got to explore the volcano, swim in the hot springs, and check out a black beach as well as a red beach! The crew grilled lunch right on the side of the boat and it was such a lovely day. We opted for a day tour but there are sunset tours available as well, our trip was literally the very beginning of the tourist season so I feared that an evening trip would get a bit too chilly! The boat was awesome – super comfortable, clean, and very spacious so even though we were worried at first seeing how many people were on our trip (with kids!! who brings that many kids to Santorini?! lol!), we always had a ton of space to ourselves and lots of privacy. We even comfortably took a nap after lunch on the ride back! No matter how long your stay in Santorini is, I highly recommend blocking off a day for this tour, you’ll get to see the island in such a way that you could never from land and you really get to take in just how massive the cliffs are. Santorini is truly incredible.


Pulling away from Ammoudi Bay we got to see the iconic white buildings of Santorini’s famous village of Oia in a completely different way.


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Thank you Sunset Oia Sailing & Canaves Oia hotel for such an amazing experience! Canaves Oia was so kind to host us for lunch during our stay as well and wow their view is insane!! The place on the cliff where the hotel is located is incredible with wide unobstructed caldera views – very different than all of the other places we visited in Oia and on the island.


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