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Unwanted hair… the bane of my existence haha! Being South-Asian, managing unwanted hair has always been a full time job. I’ve done it all.. shaving, waxing, threading, laser, just everything. A couple weeks back I went in depth about my experience with laser hair removal and from all of the dialogue that came after it is beyond clear that I am not alone in my hair woes! Enter Completely Bare: an incredible brand with a large range of salon quality depilatory products – available at Ulta! They have different types of waxes, hair removal creams, bump smoothers, redness eliminators, and what I found most interesting: moisturizers that double as a hair inhibitor!


You already know that I’ve had my entire face lasered, but its no secret that laser is never 100% effective especially on fine hairs or peach fuzz. Aside from my hairline, which took to laser hair removal extremely well, the rest of my face is entirely peach fuzz so even though I’ve finished my laser treatments the fuzz is still there. Peach fuzz on my face doesn’t bother me so I don’t feel like I need to remove it but I am mindful of keeping it at bay; who knows what sneaky hairs stress or hormones could activate. I am currently using Completely Bare’s Go Fuzz Free Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor on my face. This daily moisturizer reduces hair density and length. It is vitamin enriched so it serves several purposes including minimizing wrinkles and evening skin tone.

One place on my face though that I can’t stand the sight of any peach fuzz is my upper lip. While laser hair removal significantly reduced my girl-stache, I make sure to remove anything that might pop up no matter how baby-fine or light. I always say that upper lip hair isn’t really noticeable when its there but it’s so noticeable (in a great way!) when it’s gone! To me, this is essential for a perfect lipstick application so every month or so if I notice any fuzzies I like to use a strip wax myself at home and I love Completely Bare’s Ready, Set, Wax! strips. These are so stinkin’ easy to use and great for on the go. I always keep a couple in my travel toiletries bag just in case. All you do is rub the strip between your hands to warm it up a bit, peel em apart, stick em on, & pull em off! Done! I always leave behind a bit of wax on the edge of my lip so the post-wax cleansing towelettes this comes with are great!


And now let’s go below the neck..! Completely Bare’s Don’t Grow There is essentially a body version of the Go Fuzz Free moisturizer. I love the smell of this, it reminds me of peel off masks I used to use in college – it makes me feel super fresh and brings back nostalgic memories. I hate hate hate dealing with my legs, my skin is awfully dry and my leg hair grows so fast so within a couple hours I’m super prickly. This moisturizer is formulated to reduce hair density, growth, and length when used daily. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and I feel like I can go every other day (maybe even a full 2 days!) without shaving, this is huge for me and my coarse hair. I believe the key is to use it consistently as directed. Goodbye 5 o’clock shadow.. ahem, in my case it was more like an eclipse.

So happy, I can’t wait to continue using these and what is especially amazing is that they are so affordable! Both moisturizers are on sale for $8.49 at Ulta and the wax strips are on sale for $11.04 – be sure to head over to and check out Completely Bare‘s full product line.

Wishing you dolls the smoothest legs on earth! :)


This post was sponsored by Completely Bare Products. Opinions are experience are all completely my own!


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  1. Rakhie Chhatralia
    June 12, 2016 / 2:08 pm

    Hi Irene, great post! I’m from the UK and i didn’t even know these creams existed. I purchased the at home laser hair removal machine by phillips a year ago and I use that to top up my laser treatments. I also laser my legs at home with the machine and its really helped, when i shave my legs now i get a couple of hairs grow back every month. I would defy recommend this! Have a look on their site, would love to get a review from you!

    Rakhie (from London)

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