Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials | The Power of Makeup Palette | Swatches & Review

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Just like many of you, Nikkie Tutorials is one of my absolute favorite beauty YouTubers — if not my absolute favorite. Her artistry is an undeniable talent but it’s her production value that really drew me to her when I discovered her channel last year (I’m always late on the train!). Everything is perfection from start to finish, her backdrops, lighting, makeup, and of course her awesome personality. I was so excited to see she was creating a palette with Too Faced, perfectly named The Power of Makeup, and was even more geeked when it showed up on my doorstep (thank you!!!).

It will be available HERE or online only at Sephora August 15th! Congratulations Nikkie!!!!

I dug right in when I was getting ready for an event last week and at first I was a bit disappointed. I did a simple look so I wasn’t touching most of the colors, I was trying to use the purple shade Wham Bam on my lower lashline and I just felt like it wasn’t showing up so I threw in a little turquoise too – Mystic Hour. I built up the color a bit and was still bummed out about it but you know what??? Maybe eyeshadows don’t have to be crazy buttery and pigmented right off the bat & you know why?? The color actually showed all night and stayed (& I got so many snaps from you guys loving my makeup!). Normally I can’t get any vibrant pop of color on my lower lashline without a colored pencil – eyeshadows always get muddy and end up a grayish brown shade & I would just chalk it up to being a woman of color. Sure, it took a little layering and building to get the pigment to really show but maybe slow and steady is the key to a neat and flawless makeup application! Fast forward to last night when I took another stab at the palette. Again, I had to really build up my subtle crease, lower lashline, & the pop of color I applied to my inner eye. I felt bummed out again but you know how once your eyeliner and lashes are on it really pulls the whole look together? Once my eyes were finished, I was left with vibrant splashes of color that didn’t bleed together or appear muddy. The colors actually showed up on camera and in selfies which is another thing I’ve always struggled with and thought was a WOC issue. You’re probably so confused thinking “So do you like the palette or not?!” lol! I’m a mixed bags of emotions while using it but in the end both times I’ve been obsessed and so has my snapchat fam! Take a look below, the colors aren’t photoshopped at all and it’s probably one of my cleanest makeup applications ever. Slow & steady, folks!


Makeup & Chill and Mystic Hour are my favorite eyeshadows in the palette – both very pigmented and hold their color for hours. I worked Painkiller into my crease with a fluffy brush and then Makeup & Chill very lightly with a tapered brush and it created the cleanest subtle cut crease, perfect for my heavier eyelids. At first I didn’t think this palette was very WOC friendly especially when I saw Painkiller but it turned out to be a great teacher for me – I don’t need to go ham with the most pigmented products like I usually do.

Once you get a few shades deeper than my complexion though, I’m not quite sure how well the neutral shades would fare. *shrugs* I can only speak from my own experience. The blushes and highlight worked great for me as well – I am wearing Champagne Truffle down the bridge of my nose and on my brow-bones, & I’m wearing the I Will Always Love You blush. I like that they included a Chocolate Soleil bronzer sample in the palette but if you’re my shade or deeper it may be too light to wear as a bronzer but you could use it as an eyeshadow. I normally wear Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer. Some of these colors not being suitable for all WOC is not a fault of Nikkie or Too Faced though IMO. Nikkie’s complexion isn’t very common in the makeup/blogger world so when she shares her struggle of finding a highlight that is actually light enough for her skin, I can relate with finding bronzers that are dark enough for mine! This is her baby and I think she created something really beautiful! Sorry if my “review” is confusing haha but it’s more of me just candidly thinking outloud.

The Power of Makeup set also comes with a full size black Sketch Marker Liquid Art Liner, deluxe Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, deluxe Shadow Insurance 24-hour primer, & a deluxe Better Than Sex mascara but in a limited edition purple shade which is sooo gorgeous on brown eyes!!! I wore it on my lower lashes *swoon*.




  1. August 2, 2016 / 8:33 am

    Thank you for your reviews! I am Pakistani and it really helps when I read your reviews about makeup because we have similar a similar skin tone. I love you Irene, I have been watching you since GeekChic01 (I think that was the name?).

    Laila Townhouse Palette

  2. September 26, 2016 / 12:51 am

    I love your makeup. Thanks for the review.

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