Mima Xari Stroller Unboxing

Skurt skurtttt! Baby’s first set of wheels have arrived, thanks to Mima! And what a beautiful ride she’s received, guaranteed to turn heads everywhere we go (once she’s here of course, God willing!). I was browsing Nordstrom online several months back when I started putting together my baby registry / shopping list and kept seeing this gorgeous stroller on my recommended items sidebar. The Mima Xari — not only had I never seen this stroller before, I’ve never even seen one like it! The design is so minimal and sleek. It’s gorgeous in every single color but the Camel stood out to me the most as its so unusual for baby-gear and gave me all the vintage luggage feels! I could also picture my husband pushing it and looking extra dapper *heart eyes* !

Although I went with the camel seat + black chassis combo, another one that I especially love is the black seat with rose gold chassis! To die for!

Other than aesthetics, one of the biggest selling points of the Mima Xari for me is being able to transform the seat into a carrycot/bassinet! Babies can’t sit in the stroller seat until they are able to lift/control their head, so that’s where travel systems come in… mounting baby’s carseat on the stroller chassis. The Mima Xari has an adapter available for mounting compatible carseats (Maxi Cosi, Nuna, & Cybex), which I will definitely be putting to use but babies that small also shouldn’t be in a scrunched up carseat for long periods of time either. They should be laying flat, so if you’re going to be out and about for awhile that means you need a carrycot – plus it looks so chic!!! Many strollers have separate carrycots available for purchase but they tend to be a bit pricy and you’re only going to be using it for the first 6 months. Not only do I love the cost-save because the Xari seat converts but more importantly (for me) the space save!! LA apartment living doesn’t leave us with a lot of closet space so I love that the carrycot tucks away discreetly into the seat!

PS the foot of the carrycot shouldn’t be floppy as pictured above. I was having a hard time popping it up properly with my long nails (I didn’t want to break them!), Waseem will have to do it for me once he’s home lol! My nails will be short and neat once baby is here so I shouldn’t have this problem later!

Ah the beautiful seat! it can be positioned mommy-facing like above or world-facing outwards depending on your & baby’s preferences!

I chose the Sandy Beige kit to go with my camel seat. I have such a hate-hate relationship with most baby prints and usually gravitate towards simpler patterns like polka dots and chevron, I think these polka dots are sooo cute!

Pictured above is the seat facing forward. In addition to the option of facing forwards or backwards, the seat can also recline in three different positions. The handlebar is also adjustable depending on your height/preference.

Storage space is a total personal preference. While the Xari’s streamlined storage might be a deal-breaker for some, it’s a plus point for me! Imagine throwing little odds and ends into a big basket all day only having to empty it out knick knack by knick knack when folding up the stroller to get into your car.. woof! I love the sleek minimal aesthetic of the Xari’s two covered baskets. Mima has a matching diaper bag available which easily hangs on the handle bar on it’s thick shoulder strap. I’ll probably get myself a different bag and I found some great stroller hooks that I plan on keeping mine on. The hooks will come in handy for your purse & shopping bags as well!

I did an unboxing/setup with a little pregnancy Q&A on Facebook live awhile back! Be sure to check that out! xo

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Thank you Mima for the generous gift!! This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own as we were planning on purchasing this beauty regardless!

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