Looking & Feeling my Best After Baby

Produced in association with Kohl’s

For the majority of my pregnancy I was able to wear my regular comfy clothes. It wasn’t until near the end that I thought whoa! I need to go shopping! Nothing fit anymore, I was forever uncomfortable, and I just wasn’t feeling cute at all! Maintaining your everyday style and aesthetic while pregnant isn’t always the easiest task and it can feel downright discouraging at times. I caught wind of Lauren Conrad’s LC Lauren Conrad Maternity Collection earlier this month at Kohl’s and was super happy to see her stylish designs that didn’t scream I’m pregnant and huge! I placed my order on Kohls.com along with some a:glow maternity basics and was excited to have a proper maternity wardrobe going for the homestretch of my pregnancy.

My baby, however, had other plans and decided to arrive before my Kohl’s package even did!! Luckily my order did not go in vain. One thing a lot of women don’t talk about is what your body looks like after delivery. You’d think that weight gain aside, your insides would just pop back into place but that really isn’t the case. Celebrities and magazines can have us thinking we’re doing something wrong but let’s think about it. It took 9 months for our bodies to get to where they are, it only makes sense that it takes a little time to snap back too. With the right wardrobe and positive mindset, we can look and feel great during our journey back. 🙂

My tip? Hold on to those maternity clothes! The M-word might make you feel some type of way since you’re not pregnant anymore, but I say to heck with labels! Why be miserable and squeeze yourself into your old jeans before you’re ready for no reason at all (sleep deprived on top of it!) when you could wear comfortable pieces that are also figure flattering.

You look good when you feel good!

Other than having my baby girl in my arms finally, another incredible perk of her early arrival was that my husband unexpectedly got to celebrate his first Father’s Day this year! I wore my new LC Lauren Conrad Chambray Off-the-Shoulder Dress to celebrate the hubs’ new daddy status and I honestly felt… so pretty! I didn’t think I could feel that way within my first week postpartum but all it took was the right dress!

I love anything and everything off the shoulder so I also picked up Lauren’s Smocked Off-the-Shoulder Top and I’m seriously obsessed! Not only is the print super cute for summer, it’s ridiculously comfortable and breathable too. The tightness of the smocking feels really comfortable on my chest and is also so figure flattering. This top will definitely stay in my wardrobe even after my post partum phase is over! I coupled it with a pair of a:glow Maternity Leggings which I really wish I had throughout my entire pregnancy! These leggings arrived really quickly so I got to enjoy them in my last couple days before baby and actually wore them to the hospital (the rest of my order came after, shucks!) The material is so thick and soft.

I just want to end this by saying that you are amazing. Our bodies were made to do this and go through these changes, take it in stride! A lot of our expectations, especially as first time moms, are completely off base and it isn’t our fault with what we are led to believe is normal. I really thought I’d pop this baby out and everything would just be back where it was but the reality is that I still look pregnant! I might not look 9 months along but I’m definitely still bumpin’ it and am completely okay with enjoying my flowy silhouettes and elastic waistbands while I cuddle my new squish! Xo