6 Hair Products I’m Loving

One of my most requested tutorials is how i style my hair; I already have so many and it’s literally the same hairstyle over and over. I really only style my hair one way lol when I know what works, I stick to it!

While my styling technique may remain the same, I am always testing out new products. My hair is very picky so when I find products that agree with it, i hold them near and dear to my heart! Trust me, professional stylists don’t even know how to do my hair — literally not even a simple blowout and its incredibly frustrating. I had extremely low confidence growing up and through my teens because of my hair, and I still almost always leave the salon in tears.. but its taught me to master my own mane. If only I could cut it myself too lol

Let’s go by category..

1. Shampoo

I love my hair as dark as possible and dye it blue black. My natural color is a dark reddish brown/black, I hate it, and it always finds its way creeping back pretty quickly so to keep my tresses cool I use a blue shampoo. One of my friends has the most lust-worthy jet black hair and uses Aveda Black Malva Shampoo. I went to my local beauty supply store for it but they don’t carry Aveda and recommended Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo. I’ve been using it ever since and really like it! I even used it to make a pink wig a little more icy!

2. Conditioner

I know some of the things on this list are quite pricy but my conditioner of choice really costs as much as my morning Starbucks! I love Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner so much. I leave it in my hair for a few minutes and brush out my knots before washing it out. So good!

3. Damp Hair

I don’t really towel dry, I just wrap my head while I put on lotion and get dressed. I take my towel down and apply a serum to lock in moisture. I apply a few pumps of my MoroccanOil Treatment, it’s effective enough to tame frizz but light enough to not weigh my hair down and allows me to add a few more products when its time to heat-style.

4. Heat Styling

Before blowdrying I go in with another serum for heat protection and more smoothness. I love Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil . It smells so good, after a little heat it makes my hair so smooth and silky. Love it!

5. Finishing

Another from Kerastase.. Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Voluptuous Beautifying Oil Mist. What a mouthful lol. Sometimes I use this right before going in with a curling wand or I’ll use it at the very end like a hair perfume. It smells SO GOOD!!! It gives me that same soft, silkiness as the previous product but its actually made for fine/normal hair and is supposed to make the diameter of your strands look thicker. My hair is already thick as H so I don’t use it for that reason but ah this product is just heavenly.

6. Hold

Lastly, hairspray to hold my look in place (especially my bangs/face-frame) ! I used to use insane hold hairsprays like Big Sexy Hair (the extra formula of course lol) and Freeze It but I’m learning that less is more. I LOVE the fine mist of Tresemme’s Micro Mist Hairspray — it’s a lot like L’Oreal Elnett which is another one of my faves. They give me great hold without weighing down my already heavy head of hair and you can remove the hold with no flakiness with just the stroke of a brush!


A product I love to darken my center part or cover grays is Rita Hazan Root Concealer. Just an extra mention for now because I’ve been playing with a tester (and love it!)… I need to order a full size can! Another random mention is Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil — I actually just ordered this while typing up this post so I can’t speak on it yet but it’s a product i’ve been lusting after for a long time!