Deepika Padukone Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Talk about bride of the century! I was beyond obsessed with every single one of Deepika Padukone’s wedding event looks; I do plan on recreating more I just haven’t had the chance yet! In this tutorial I recreated the makeup look from her Sindhi ceremony and I was working off of the one teaser photo the couple had put out in the beginning lol! Now that we’ve seen more photos, I still think I did a pretty good job — the only thing my look was really lacking was the heavy kohl lower lashine. Oh well!

Let me know what you guys think & I’d also love to hear which look from her festivities was your favorite! I loved the Frida Kahlo inspired look and the glowyyyy white sari look! I gotta go back and see exactly which events those were lol, there were so many! #goals





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