The Chicest Play-Kitchen EVER!

Omg I’m here still waiting for the Easy Bake Oven I’ve always wanted and my Iya is enjoying the most beautiful play kitchen EVER!!! Ever since she turned 1 I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect kitchen for her & our home; I’m so glad I took my time & did my homework! I almost purchased so many different ones over the months but something always stopped me — too much plastic, cheap materials like particle board, or they just looked like a nightmare to put together (wayyyy too many little parts)! This is an item that takes up quite a bit of real estate in your home and can’t get tucked away at the end of the day so I wanted something beautiful & great quality. Man, did I find both and then some with Milton & Goose!!

Their kitchens are handcrafted by Amish artisans right here in the US and are made from sustainable wood & non-toxic finishes. A huge unexpected bonus is that it came almost fully assembled!! If you get the kitchen without the hood, all you’ll have to install is the faucet. I was seriously expecting a full afternoon project, so happy to be wrong!

I picked up some awesome stainless steel pots, pans, & utensils on Amazon that are so realistic I swear you could cook a tiny meal with them if you really wanted! Iya has been busy making pretend meals & taste testing – I couldn’t be more stoked!! SO many toy purchases have gone in vain because all she wants to do is “read” lol; but there’s something about this whole set up that has her really excited. Not gonna lie I’m enjoying my little taste of freedom as she independently plays more too!

For Your Tiny Chef