Baby Beauty | Iya’s Favorite Toiletries

I wanted to share our favorite baby toiletries with you! As a blogger I’m constantly trying out new products but Iya’s bath & skincare products have seriously stayed tried & true since she was a newborn – I haven’t changed a thing!

Baby Perfume | Mustela Musti Eau de Soin

Shampoo & Conditioner

I love love love Shea Moisture products, especially for baby. When Iya was born I bought almost all of their baby products, the only item I feel they’re lacking is a baby conditioner (but do babies really need a conditioner?)

To fill that void I bought Honest’s Conditioner and would often buy it as a pair with their Shampoo. I personally love Honest’s packaging because its so easy to dispense one-handed while wrangling a baby in the tub; so I stuck with them! As Iya got a little older I tried Shea Moisture’s Kids conditioner and absolutely LOVE it! Its SO thick & creamy so I gravitated towards it because of my own hairtype (even though Iya’s is the polar opposite), I’m sure its perfect for curly tots! Even though Iya’s hair is straight and fine, there is a noticeable difference when we use it. She comes out of the bath SO soft and shiny!

I have no idea whats the difference between their baby & kids line, especially since Shea Moisture is a natural brand, but the first-time-mom in me was scared to try the kids line before 1 lol. I’m sure baby #2 will go straight to Honest Shampoo & Shea Moisture Kids Conditioner without worry.

The Honest Company Bubble Bath

Shea Moisture Baby Oil Rub

Simply the best, add it to your cart NOW! Its so deeply moisturizing & smells incredible (no synthetic fragrances!), I love it even on my own skin!

Shea Moisture Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Lotion

The perfect pair to the oil above, the best the best the best!! I’ve tried all the common baby lotions but this has been the best by FAR since she was born. Her skin feels & smells absolutely delicious with this. We used the lavender version for bedtime when she was an infant but laziness with repurchasing more than one flavor kind of faded it out of our routine. We use the Chamomile & Argan Oil kind any time of the day now! The smell is so quintisessentally Iya in my mind now, i’ll use it on her until she starts bathing herself and decides she wants something else lol

Weleda Nourishing Face Cream

I suffered from horrible ezcema as a child so I worried a lot during Iya’s newborn days that I’d discover a flare up or dry patches one day. I purchased this after reading a ton of great reviews about this cream for babies & grown-ups with eczema or severely dry skin. Her cheeks are extra delicious with this on!

Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water

Mustela products smell SO good!!! I love this for cleaning up and refreshing iya’s face and hands. I use soft cotton rounds to apply!

Mustela Skin Refresher

I spritz Iya’s hair with this to style it smoothly and tame flyaways. It smells just like the Cleansing Water and I find that the scent stays in her hair (so yummy!) so it doubles as a baby perfume! Waseem tends to go overboard with this when he does her hair so I have a spray bottle of water for him instead LOL!

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