Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

By now, you’ve probably asked him what he wants for Father’s day. And if he’s anything like the other dads I know, he probably said he doesn’t want anything.

Let me tell you right now that your husband is a liar. A selfless, big-hearted, beautiful liar. That’s because we do want stuff, but we’ve got other stuff to think about; We’re too busy turning off all the lights & asking who touched the thermostat to actually look up what we want.

Fear not, for I have compiled a fool-proof father’s day gift guide. You can buy anything from this list, and it will make him get off the couch and awkwardly thank you in a way that only dads can.

Weekend Duffle Bag from Hook & Albert

If he travels a lot for work, I would *highly* recommend this item. It is an absolute staple for me whenever I have to take work trips. This Hook & Albert Weekender duffle bag is incredibly well built and it folds out to a garment bag! I get compliments on it literally every time I use it.

PS – If he’s not into leather and wants something more simple, this bag is also amazing.

Laptop Bag by Faire Leather Co.

Listen, I don’t care how convenient his “adult backpack” is, he looks like a man-child carrying it. Please upgrade him to a sleek laptop bag. It still will hold everything that he needs, and he won’t look like a super-senior. I have this bag and it gives me all kinds of OCD satisfaction. It’s a staple piece so its something that he can keep forever.

Sleeping Suit

Basketball shorts are not for bed & batman pajamas are for children. He is a grown ass man, with a 401K and lower back pains. It is time to upgrade his sleepwear to a classic pajama set.


I mean if you’re getting the grown-man pajama set, you have to get the robe to match. I know I know I’m turning your man into a 70 year old man, but I promise you there’s something so cozy about a nice waffle-knit robe. I might just pick this one up for myself.

Sneakers:  Adidas  |  Common Projects  | Cole Haan

Look, I know he wants to pull off the yeezy wave runners that the kids are wearing, but save him (and yourself) the embarrassment and get him a classic pair that he can’t mess up.

Slides by Birkenstock

Sigh, look I personally believe that men should never have their toes out in public. I don’t care if you have beautiful feet like I do, unless you are physically on the beach — It’s not a good look. Still, if he must expose his webbed feet to the world, I suggest he do it in these slides. They’re comfortable af, and a far better option than the locker room slippers that every dad wears to the grocery store.

Portable Turntable

If your man never got his DJ career off the ground in college — first of all didn’t miss out on much…trust me — this is a great gift idea for him. Nothing like getting the fireplace going and settling in for an evening with some “get rich of die tryin”  on vinyl.

Jack Black Grooming Set

I’ve tried a lot of grooming products and I always come back to Jack Black. Their face wash actually leaves my face, well, clean. And their beard lube (shaving oil) is some of the best stuff for shaving. Easy no brainer purchase!

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