The BEST Steel Diaper Pails

I spent a lot of time researching baby gear before Iya was born (i mean, duh!).. I wanted a diaper pail that was steel & didn’t require cartridges. I was looking for something that could take the standard kitchen bags already sitting in my cabinet, and I wanted to make sure my pail wouldn’t be stinking up our small space since we were still living in an apartment. Steel doesn’t absorb odors over time the way plastic does so I decided on the Ubbi and stuck with that until very recently! It was pretty much the go-to¬†fancy steel pail on the market. I loved it! It was nice looking and contained odors as best as it could but *BARF* every time I opened it to drop a diaper in I wanted to gag. Taking it out on trash day was especially bad but I mean.. we’re talking about diapers here, how pleasant can it ever be?

I recently worked on a campaign with Skip Hop and tried out their new Nursery Style Diaper Pail and honestly fell in love! This post isn’t sponsored btw but the old IG post was (full disclosure haha!) I thought it’d become our secondary pail or garbage can but it very quickly replaced our Ubbi – its larger but sleek and they both retail for about $80. Skip Hop‘s is taller than the Ubbi so I love that I don’t have to bend over as much and the absolute best is the dual air-lock disposal system!! While a little waft of diaper-stink is inevitable, its now so rare & tiny that it doesn’t linger in the room the way it once would!

While I do prefer Skip Hop‘s, I recommend either depending on your space and needs! The Ubbi is more understated & compact with endless color/print options! Skip Hop’s holds more and gives off less stink; there is also a little caddy to hold your bebe’s toiletries or you can swap it out like I did with their clear wipes holder which fits perfectly in the same slot! I just wish they had a heated option!

I hope more baby brands will come to market soon with steel pails of their own – so far I’ve only come across the two I’ve mentioned and another brand called Bubula.. but that one has terrible reviews online so idk lol!

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