Preparing for Potty Training

I noticed Iya’s curiosity with the potty earlier this year and started gathering essentials. Potty training is something I’d never rush but I wanted to make sure we were ready once she is! Iya has her own bathroom so I set up her training seat & laid out potty books months back so it’d never be something suddenly sprung onto her.

While we haven’t officially started training, she loves reading her books and often asks to sit on the potty.. we’re easing into it and these are the products we’re loving, all available at Walmart & many available for NextDay Delivery!

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Fisher Price Training Seat

The idea of having to empty/clean a stand-alone potty really grosses me out LOL so I wanted something that allows her to go in the actual toilet. She was scared to sit for awhile & I worried that I’d have to face my fears with a toddler potty; but she’s totally come around to it & asks all on her own to go potty!

Step Stool

Makes it super easy for Iya to get on & off the toilet. When she’s a little taller I’m sure it’ll come in handy for brushing her teeth & washing her hands too.

P is for Potty Board Book

We started reading potty books to her even when she was too scared to sit, it helped her get comfortable with the idea & learn about potty time!

Everybody Potties Board Book

Flushable Wipes

Check out this great potty training bundle I found!

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