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Japan Travel Diary | Tokyo & Kyoto

Konichiwa a whole 8 months later! We spent Christmas and the New Year in Japan last winter; it was one of my favorite trips to date and our first Asian trip as a family. Iya was 6 months old at the time (cutest, fattest age!!!), and I was really nervous…

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Dockatot Grand

Iya has slept in her Dockatot Deluxe+ since we brought her home from the hospital! We’ve tried having her go without it quite a few times but she always feels most secure & sleeps best in it. It also kept her in place and on her back! The couple times we tried weening her off it, I’d find her all twisted up in her bedside crib bumping her head and just miserable. My big girl is growing out of the Deluxe+ now so the lovely folks at Dockatot have gifted her a beautiful new Grand! Originally, I thought this would be a great time to transition her from our room (in her babybay bedside bassinet) to her big girl crib with her new Grand in there to give her a familiar feel but I will not be going this route. There is too much space around the Grand in her crib (whereas her Deluxe+ fits perfectly in her bedside bassinet) but it’s made an incredible lounger! US regulations do not advise placing it in baby’s crib or bassinet anyways; but as always please please do your research & talk to your pediatrician about safe sleep.

Iya absolutely loves to hang out and play in her Grand, and looks absolutely darling in it! Once she fills it out a bit more I just know it’ll give her that cozy feeling her current Deluxe+ does and I’d love for her to be able to nap in it on the go — while we lounge outside or in the living room! The Grand is for ages 9 to 36 months so I have a feeling this will really come in handy during her toddler years when she’ll be transitioning to her big girl bed and needs that snuggly feeling. Babygirl, you’re growing up way too fast & its breaking my heart but you’re an even bigger joy with every passing day!

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Seeings Stars

OK this is my favorite dress ever and I’m sad that its a trendy piece and not something that can work as a staple classic lol I want to wear it ALL THE TIME! The whimsical mesh layering is giving me all the J’Dior vibes and its just so girly! The frills, layers, stars, I’m completely smitten. Will y’all judge me if i wear it over and over on the gram? lol!

Keeping things girly, I dressed up my mesh with pops of pink! My new Gucci Marmont Mini (thanks Hubs!), comfy Rockstuds, & Iya’s chic new blanket. Can you tell I’m obsessed with pom poms & pink like a true girl-mom? My dress was already low-stock on Asos & ended up completely selling out soon after I shared on Instagram yesterday :/ but they do carry a mini version that is in stock and regular sizing (the maxi is a petite exclusive)!

I have an Asos addiction lately because I’m totally loving on their petite section. I’ve always had trouble dressing my body and one of the biggest reasons is my shrimp status. Finally hemlines that are extremely flattering on my 5’3″ self!

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