Managing Unwanted Hair w/ Completely Bare

Unwanted hair… the bane of my existence haha! Being South-Asian, managing unwanted hair has always been a full time job. I’ve done it all.. shaving, waxing, threading, laser, just everything. A couple weeks back I went in depth about my experience with laser hair removal and from all of the dialogue that came after it is beyond clear that I am not alone in my hair woes! Enter Completely Bare: an incredible brand with a large range of salon quality depilatory products – available at Ulta! They have different types of waxes, hair removal creams, bump smoothers, redness eliminators, and what I found most interesting: moisturizers that double as a hair inhibitor!

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Skin Care for Rough Spots

Having a history of horrible childhood eczema, I’ve tried practically every lotion on the market to soothe my uncomfortable skin. I used to get thick, bright red, itchy sore-like rashes on the insides of my elbows and knees. Although these have completely gone away since I cleared adolescence (thank goodness!!!), I still suffer from chronically dry skin. I hate getting wet because I have to fully lotion up afterwards or my “skin” will crawl, feel tight, and I will be visibly ashy. Of course my husband was blessed with the complete opposite skin, he never puts on lotion and the bottom of his foot seriously feels like my face LOL! If I don’t moisturize regularly, problem areas tend to pop up: dry, rough, flaky patches that need a little extra love & care. During our trip to Greece and Turkey last month we were on 8 planes within a week and a half and I came prepared for the dry plane-air with moisturizing paper masks for my face. What I didn’t think to pay extra attention to was my body and I was left with a few rough patches thirsty for moisture.

I came home to a package from AmLactin Skin Care with a variety of their products and I dove in right away. I change moisturizers often because it seems that as soon as I find something that works for me, it either gets reformulated or discontinued (so frustrating!); so I was more than ready to try something new! I’ve been lathering up with AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion & Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion for about three weeks now and my skin is so hydrated and more importantly.. Comfortable. The ashy, rough patches I mentioned earlier are no longer ashy, are supple and are starting to blend back in with the rest of my skin. If you take a look below, all that is left is a tiny bit of bumpiness which is smoothing out day by day. Summer is around the corner and the last thing anyone needs to feel self conscious about are tanktops!View Post

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A Woman on the go x Staying Put Together

Being able to blog full-time is an immense blessing. Work can always be something I’m passionate about because I control the content, ensuring that everything I create has my heart and sweat behind it. Ha, sweat! We’ll come back to that in a sec. Being in complete control of my content and my space makes me very protective over it as well. As much as I logically know that I need a team, as of now I prefer to be a one-woman- show. After all, my blog is my baby! As overwhelming as things can get and no matter how flustered I make myself, I know I can always rely on Secret Outlast Xtend to keep me feeling put together and fresh.

A typical day for me begins with shooting under bright lights in my tiny home-office, lugging half of my equipment out into LA’s hot afternoon sun to shoot some photos, drag it back inside and run off to an event or meeting. Working for yourself means being on the go from the moment you wake up and sometimes there just isn’t time to touch up between point A and B. Feeling dry and fresh really keeps me in the right mindset to feel confident and be able to work the room once I get to point B. I think every blogger can agree that you never feel like you’re not working, everything becomes a photoshoot and everything exciting needs to be shared with my e-family (you guys!). It might seem unhealthy but I promise, to me, the passion I have for documenting everything just feels like a closer connection to life, not the opposite. Real life does find its way into my work-that-feels-like-play schedule: errands, deadlines, family responsibilities, etc.; so it’s important for me to be organized in mind even if my workspace doesn’t look like it. I rely heavily on my iCalendar but I love to keep a handwritten notebook and planner on me at all times as well. Handwriting helps me visualize and organize my thoughts better, baby-steps towards a clear mind on a busy day. Being forever on the go, not even counting my permanent wanderlust, means I have to have multitasking down to a science and Secret Outlast Xtend keeps me feeling like I’m never running on empty.

Secret Outlast Xtend comes in two forms: an Invisible Solid and a Clear Gel. I love both but I’ve always gravitated towards a gel. I love the way it feels on the skin; I instantly feel cooled & refreshed and I love how quickly it adheres to my skin leaving no white marks or residue behind. Now that is the key to success for a woman of color! I do enjoy the Invisible Solid when I travel because there is no chance of it getting messy from all the moving around and pressure changes. The Invisible Solid has a patented active enhancer that helps stop odor before it even starts! Its dry application also lets you control the amount of coverage you need. Both formulas provide continuous 48-hour protection, perfect for a jet-set-girl or woman on the go. Our days may feel meshed together, but it’s comforting to know that Secret’s got you covered!

Secret is giving you all the chance to try their new Outlast Xtend for free! Head to and enter promo code PL76XS for your free sample!

(Make sure you click Outlast Xtend at the top of the page, that is what the code will work for!)

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My Laser Hair Removal Experience

Happy Monday my loves!

This has been a highly requested topic for years, body/facial hair management.. ah the struggles of a brown girl! I’m not a ridiculously hairy person but unwanted hair is something that has been somewhat of a nuisance to me, as I’m sure most of you can sympathize and relate. My biggest problem areas were my forehead/hairline and my underarms. My underarms were a problem because they never fully looked “clean shaven” no matter how recently I shaved nor how new or sharp my razor was. My hair is just very dark and coarse and always wanted some attention even sitting under my skin, blegh! My hairline is all kinds of a hot mess. I grew up with my mom teasing me calling it “monkey hair” -_- thanks mom. Not only has God given me several handfuls of baby hair, my actual hair-hair along my hairline didn’t and still doesn’t know how to behave. My widow’s peak had a cowlick so the front chunk of my hair grew straight down, the hair wouldn’t grow long or mix into the rest of my mane so it was just a straggly mess sitting on my forehead 24/7. My mom and I both have babyhair pretty much all over our foreheads except for the very center lol I swear my hairline was just shy of connecting to my brows. I’ve been getting laser hair removal done for about a year at Laser Away in Pasadena, California. I just finished my last face session last week and my body (underarms and Brazilian) is probably just about finished too! Best investment of time and money ever! I really want to start getting my legs done soon. I talk about everything in a ton of detail in the video so, enjoy! I hope it’s helpful. If you have any questions please leave them below. I’m going to do my best to vlog at my next session and ask my girl all of your questions!… View Post

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