Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Goodmorning my loves!

I am SO excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day this year as a mom to my beautiful daughter, Iya!! She’s really given me so much purpose in my life, its indescribable and I’m forever grateful to be her mommy.

My husband’s been asking me all week what I want for my first Mother’s Day and now that its settled (ha!) I wanted to share a gift guide for other husbys out there! When our babies are still babies and not crafting or shopping yet.. let’s be real, its a gift from daddy. Don’t worry babe, Iya will take over in a couple years! ;)

1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I might not be traveling as often as I did before Iya but I’m definitely rocking my own kind of jet lag these days LOL. This gives me such a pick-me-up with a boost of hydration I love any time of day: before bed, priming my makeup application, or just on a barefaced day.

2. T3 Whirl Trio

3. Apple Watch

I generally don’t wear a lot of jewelry or accessories, they just feel bulky and in the way to me. Lately, with my hands constantly full and my phone always on silent.. I miss everything! Long gone are the days I was glued to my phone so calls and notifications on my wrist sound like a fantasy at this point. Even though I never really lusted after an Apple Watch.. I think I need one before there’s an amber alert out for me LOL where even is my phone any more?

4. David Yurman Birthstone Cable Bracelet

Spoil that mama in your life but choose baby’s birthstone to remove the mom-guilt (hey, it’s an heirloom now right?). If she has dainty wrists, get it in a kid’s size and she can pass it down even sooner (bonus: it’s cheaper!) David Yurman currently has free overnight shipping for Mother’s Day if you order by tomorrow!

5. Minnie Rose Cashmere Pom Pom Slippers

6. Rose Quartz Roller

I feel like I’m on a constant mission to de-fatigue myself. Pop this in the fridge before rolling over your face to really help drain away your puffiness.

7. Echo Spot

I really loved my classic Echo during these past 11 months of motherhood.. when Iya was tiny I would use it to log feedings, naps, & diapers; I still use it for white noise and lullabies. Eventually i started dipping my toes in home automation because again.. my hands were ALWAYS full. Being able to control lights and noise machines with my voice were a game changer at the start of our day and our bedtime routine. Now that we’re homeowners I’ve begun automating the locks, thermostat, Roomba, everything! I just got an Echo Spot for our kitchen counter and I’m obsessed with it, I can keep an eye on our security cameras, look up recipes, play Iya’s playlists, and so much more! I might need another one for my bedside table soon!

8. diptique Roses Candle

9. Venus et Fleur Eternity Roses

Luxe luxe luxe!!!! Flowers aren’t cheap especially around holidays so why not spend a little extra on something that is drop dead gorgeous and lasts a whole year?!?! I have a few Venus et Fleur arrangements and my home is seriously bursting with fragrance! They smell delicious and are beyond stunning. I also have their robe and it’s my fav! It’s so soft, thick, and luxurious!

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Dockatot Grand | + Giveaway!

Iya has slept in her Dockatot Deluxe+ since we brought her home from the hospital! We’ve tried having her go without it quite a few times but she always feels most secure & sleeps best in it. It also kept her in place and on her back! The couple times we tried weening her off it, I’d find her all twisted up in her bedside crib bumping her head and just miserable. My big girl is growing out of the Deluxe+ now so the lovely folks at Dockatot have gifted her a beautiful new Grand! Originally, I thought this would be a great time to transition her from our room (in her babybay bedside bassinet) to her big girl crib with her new Grand in there to give her a familiar feel but I will not be going this route. There is too much space around the Grand in her crib (whereas her Deluxe+ fits perfectly in her bedside bassinet) but it’s made an incredible lounger! US regulations do not advise placing it in baby’s crib or bassinet anyways; but as always please please do your research & talk to your pediatrician about safe sleep.

Iya absolutely loves to hang out and play in her Grand, and looks absolutely darling in it! Once she fills it out a bit more I just know it’ll give her that cozy feeling her current Deluxe+ does and I’d love for her to be able to nap in it on the go — while we lounge outside or in the living room! The Grand is for ages 9 to 36 months so I have a feeling this will really come in handy during her toddler years when she’ll be transitioning to her big girl bed and needs that snuggly feeling. Babygirl, you’re growing up way too fast & its breaking my heart but you’re an even bigger joy with every passing day!

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Mommy & Mini Disney Style

Dress: Asos | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Sunglasses: Rayban | Iya’s Onesie: H&M

Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to share some outfit deets before heading out for a little Sunday funday with the family! I spent the earlier part of the weekend at Disneyland with Sunglass Hut celebrating the launch of the new #DisneyxSunglasshut Raybans. One thing i especially love about Disney parks is looking at everyone’s cute outfits, especially all the little ones *heart eyes*. My polkadot dress is so fun and such perfect Minnie-style — I got so many compliements on it all day! Iya’s onesie is one my favorite pieces on her, what a little hype beast baby! It’s currently on SALE!

Happy shopping, y’all!

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babybay Bedside Co-sleeper | Mommy Must Have

Like practically every other new parent on Earth.. my biggest worry, stress, and tear-inducing frustration was sleep! No surprise there! It wasn’t just about me getting enough (err.. *any) sleep or when Iya would finally sleep through the night, it was everything about it. From the length & quality of sleep, safety, encouraging breastfeeding, being able to pull my half-asleep self out of bed to breastfeed… the list was and sometimes still is endless.

Also like a lot of new parents, we played a bit of trial and error. When we brought Iya home from the hospital we had a Halo Bassinest and Dockatot ready for her. I kid you not I can count on one hand how many times she slept in that Halo. Not only was it not working for her, it wasn’t working for me either! I had such a hard time pulling myself up to check on her when I was so exhausted, sleep deprived, & healing. And actually lifting her out of it every two hours to nurse??? That felt like a Herculean task. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for cesarean mamas <3

My goal is to room-share until she’s a year old so moving her to her crib across the hall wasn’t an option. Our temporary solution was to safely but very uncomfortably co-sleep lol. Despite the Halo being a fail for us, Iya did sleep very comfortably in her Dockatot. We kept her above our heads so we’d never bump her Dockatot off the bed or accidentally throw our blanket over her – God forbid both. Our feet dangled off the bed for a couple months while I was on the hunt for the perfect bedside sleeper. All the ones I saw on the market were, simply put, ugly!! I wanted something that was chic and functional for our baby and our bedroom. In comes babybay!

babybay Bedside Co-Sleeper

I was visiting a friend whose youngest is just a little younger than Iya and I was noticing his beautiful bed that I’ve never seen before. Babybay is a German company and they have a bunch of different models overseas but are brand new here in the US currently in one model that comes in several different finishes – all of which are gorgeous! It was exactly to the T what I was looking for so I quickly got Iya one in pure white. It’s so beautiful and beyond functional. It sits flush against the bed and the height is adjustable – I dropped her a couple inches below our mattress level so I can easily glance right down at her, soothe her with a quick touch, & smoothly lift her into our bed for feedings. Our babybay Bedside Co-Sleeper gives us all the benefits of co-sleeping while still keeping Iya in her own safe little space. I also love sneaking in snuggles!

I wanted a mattress that was both organic and breathable so we went with the Organic Mattress Pad. Its made from coconut fibers and is completely free of hazardous chemicals. Eventually when she graduates to her big girl crib she has a coconut fiber core mattress waiting for her there too (Nook)! How long before then? It’s a personal choice but as I mentioned earlier, my goal is to room-share until she’s a year old; which means she’ll be in her babybay co-sleeper until then too! The standard overseas is up to a year but due to stricter US regulations, it’s recommended up until 6 months or when they begin pushing themselves up. Iya isn’t quite mobile yet but she’s just about there so I’m ordering the guardrail & will drop the level a little lower this week to be on the safe side. Please talk to your pediatrician before choosing to do anything outside of your country’s safety guidelines!

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Mommy & Me Take Mexico | Banyan Tree Mayakoba

I never quite agreed with the whole It Takes a Village philosophy with raising children; but I wholeheartedly believe in the tribe. The bonds we form throughout different stages of our lives are so special and they don’t usually form overnight.. until now. Motherhood has been such a magic potion for practically instantaneous, incredible friendships. It truly is a sisterhood.

Nothing can prepare you for those first few months: healing from a major medical event, sleep deprivation, hormones, night sweats, frustration, worry, self-doubt, and sheer joy. Luckily, the long list before the silver lining was bearable and worth it, Iya is worth it. My local mom friends are absolutely amazing and so supportive but their babies were walking talking toddlers. I’d lay awake at night feeling like I was the only one never sleeping and spend my days talking to one little human who couldn’t respond yet, not even with a smile. The feeling of isolation was defeating (but that eventual first smile for mommy was EVERYTHING :) ).

I’ve known Saira & Zaineb via Instagram for some time but not on a personal level. Their babies are a few months older than Iya so I found myself connecting with each of them individually for advice (& just some company!), while they were doing the same with each other. We had quite the mom love-triangle goin’ on.. until one of us started a group chat and the rest is history! <3

These girls helped me through so many new trials, e-wiped my tears, sent me in fits of belly laughs, and always encouraged me to be the very best ME! We’d turn to each other on our low days and share the joys of even the tiniest of milestones. A great support system and a little bit of self-care is so so important. A good mommy needs to be a well cared for mommy! Back in September we stayed up late one night sending each other TBTs reminiscing over our pre-mom days (& bodies LOL) and began planning a girls-trip to just get away and get a break. We very quickly realized that it wasn’t our babies or our responsibilities that we needed a break from, but rather the monotony of daily life…

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