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Bermuda Travel Diary | The Hamilton Princess

Explore my Bermuda looks! Being so busy with the new house, our travels have been nonexistent this year.. and believe me I’ve been feening! We were heading to New York last month for my cousin’s engagement so I wanted to tack on a few extra days to squeeze in a mini-vacay.…

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Shop my Bermuda Looks!

Island Style | Bermuda

Hello from The Hamilton Princess Bermuda! I just wanted to quickly share my OOTD (& Iya’s!) from today before heading off to bed. Guys, Bermuda is AMAZING!!! I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting it to be like this.. I was thinking hmm ok an island that’s kind of Caribbean but…

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Japan Travel Diary | Tokyo & Kyoto

Konichiwa a whole 8 months later! We spent Christmas and the New Year in Japan last winter; it was one of my favorite trips to date and our first Asian trip as a family. Iya was 6 months old at the time (cutest, fattest age!!!), and I was really nervous…

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Waldorf Astoria Chicago

© 2018 Hilton © 2018 Hilton © 2018 Hilton © 2018 Hilton I have *such* a love-hate relationship with Chicago. I didn’t enjoy living there but its the most beautiful metropolitan city in the US (in my humble opinion!) and the food is incredible! We left for LA a little…

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Al Madinah Travel Diary | Saudi Arabia

My husband was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. After immigrating to America in the mid 90s, he hasn’t been back until we got married and went together, twice — in 2014 and 2016! My in-laws were living in the Kingdom again so it made our visits very simple, alhamdulilah…

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