Maui Travel Diary, Hawaii Part 1

I completely underestimated how incredible Hawaii would be, in my mind I thought tropical is tropical they’re all the same – I was in the Maldives two weeks prior so I was under the impression that I’ve already set the bar so high on beachy vacations that Hawaii wouldn’t even compare. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!!! Hawaii has so many different landscapes and visuals… cities, mountains, rainforests, beaches, the ocean, cliffs. All it takes is a short drive to see all of these things within minutes. Hailing from the FLAT midwest, this completely blew my mind; I couldn’t believe just how beautiful everything is. No question, this trip is my favorite yet, my chest actually felt heavy when we were leaving to come back home after 8 days. I usually feel antsy after a couple days to get back into my routine but this time around I had absolutely no desire. Every island has a completely different look and feel, we only explored Maui and O’ahu but I know we’ll be back asap to experience the remaining six.

You all know that I’m very.. generous with the camera(s) so after narrowing down thousands of photos and hours of footage, this is the final result. A long vlog and a blog-post so long that I had to break it up into two parts after completing, ha! Part one today will be the first leg of our Hawaiian vacation on the lush island of Maui, grab a snack and get comfy – I’ll chat and reminiscence as we go! Part two in O’ahu will be posted tomorrow so don’t forget to check back! xo… View Post

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HOW TO: Contour

Hi guys!

As you all know, I love a good cream contour – my skin as super dry (even more so than usual in this video :-/) and i love to layer tons of product so I try to do most of the work with liquids and creams, then finishing off with powders. My routine is constantly changing as my skin roller-coasters so this tutorial includes all of my current favorite products, including the highly requested Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit! Enjoy!

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Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Whenever I feel a pang of wanderlust I end up zoning out in front of the computer for hours searching for flights and making bucket-lists of things to do and places to explore. For me there are two types of vacations: 1. unplugging everything and checking out or 2. throwing on sneakers, exploring sights, and taking in as much history as possible. During my latest wanderlust session I yearned for something tropical, someplace where I could shut everything off (except my camera of course), and just relax and be pampered.… View Post

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick // Swatches

Happy Friday!!

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Summer Collection is available today! 7 new eyeshadows, 6 creme colors and 2 liquid lipsticks!! I’ll get swatches (& hopefully a look!) up tomorrow using the products but today I finally have my lip swatch video of all 22 shades of ABH Liquid Lipstick!!! It took me forever to get around to film this but I’m glad I waited because I was able to include the two new shades that are releasing today: Craft & Unicorn. These lippies have been so popular and all of the swatches I saw when they released got me super excited but I was nervous because I wasn’t able to find swatches on anyone with a similar skintone to mine… View Post

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Tarte Beauty in the Basics set

Hello my Tartelettes!!

So sorry for being so MIA this past week, I was sick in bed allllll week but it’s Monday now and I’m back on my feet! I have an exciting deal to share with you today! Tarte’s Beauty in the Basics 6 pc color collection is available today only on QVC for $47.96 (Regularly $58). I absolutely love Tarte’s products but especially their eyeshadows; they’re so creamy and the color payoff is fantastic. Their Miracles From the Amazon eyeshadow palette is one of my staples that I’m constantly reaching for so I knew i’d love this new one! I wasn’t able to create a look for today since I was so sick last week but I made sure to include some swatches!… View Post

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