Benefit Cosmetics | Dew the Hoola | Review

Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is such a staple fav! I’ve seen all my favorite insta-MUAs using it for years and I even picked it up myself for the first time a couple years back. It’s a wonderful natural bronzer with a matte finish. Nothing too harsh, no orange, just a beautiful natural glow. I will say though that if you are my complexion or darker, your cheek contour won’t be slice sharp because it is more of a medium tone, rather than a deep contouring powder. It gives me a subtle, glowy contour which I really do love when I’m in the mood for it – especially in the day time.

Hoola fans rejoice! Benefit just released a liquid soft-matte version as well as an all over body bronzer! Even though I naturally have a bronzed complexion, I love using a body bronzer to keep my color even and keep me looking warm. My chest gets especially light compared to the rest of me. The great thing about Hoola Zero Tanlines is that there is an applicator hidden away right in the cap – no stained hands! I believe this is to be used like “body makeup” it isn’t a gradual self-tanner, so it washes off at the end of the day.

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Be a Glow Getter

Happy Monday! If you guys keep up with me on social media, I’m sure you saw I was in New York City last month shooting with Guerlain, what an honor! Guerlain is simply iconic. They launched the first bronzer over 30 years ago, so believe me when I say that they know glow. The Terracotta line has grown so much over the years to include glow getter powders in so many different finishes and shades to achieve different kinds of glow: a classic bronzed glow or a natural, healthy glow. Offering a little something for everyone the Terracotta bronzers are available in natural matte finishes as well as a shimmery finish for that extra sparkle.

Think about in what moment you’re always told that you’re glowing, and then we can figure out how to replicate that magic. For me, my husband always tells me that I’m most radiant when I wake up in the morning. While I, a glam girl, might not fully agree – I’m sure he’s on to something and in that case beauty rest must be a real thing! The hustle, bustle, and stresses of the day slowly chip away at the glow I wake up with, so I have to fake it while still achieving a healthy and natural finish.… View Post

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