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’00s Bollywood Makeup Tutorial

Hi loves! I was a part of an awesome collab on YouTube earlier this month for Pohela Boishakh which is the Bengali New Year! Me and three of my Bengali YT girlfriends created makeup looks for the holiday and I kind of love where it went.. traditionally Bengali women will rock their white & red sarees for for Boishakh but we each ended up doing our own personal festive style! I was inspired by pastel colors and glossy lips of the early 2000s, my look gave me all the Rani Mukerji feels and I loveee how it turned out! Unintentional correlation but fun fact: Rani happens to be [Indian] Bengali, woop!

Enjoy the tutorial, all products are listed below! xo

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Bengali Makeup Look | Aishwarya Rai Inspired (Devdas)

My loves!!!! Thank you all so much for the incredible response to my latest video!! I’m sorry it took me a few days to get the product list up but the weekend got a bit busy. ICYMI today is Ekushey February (literally February 21st) – known around the world as International Mother Language Day, declared by UNESCO in 1999, honoring Bangladesh’s Language Movement as well as ethno-linguistic rights for all peoples around the world. I’ll end up writing a novel so I’ll leave it just at that so you can listen to my monologue in my video before the tutorial starts 🙂 I’ll be completely honest, I was a nervous wreck about speaking up about anything remotely political or racial because things are taken out of context so easily on the internet.. but to receive such a warm and open response was amazing and I’m so happy that I took the plunge.

To honor the day and my heritage I decided to create a traditional Bengali look, not to be confused with a look for Ekushey as it isn’t a happy day to remember. Traditionally in Bangladesh you’ll see everyone dressed in black & white on this day. I teamed up with my friend Sharifa Easmin and we both created different looks. Mine originally was going to look a lot like hers but she killed it – I went back to the drawing board and ended up getting super inspired by Aishwarya Rai in the movie Devdas. While she isn’t Bengali, her character (Paro) is and the styling, colors, and textiles in the movie are to die for.

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Designing my Thanksgiving Table

Everything about the final quarter of the year gives me all kinds of happy feelings. The weather change, foliage, and of course the holidays. Now that October and Halloween are out of the way, the happiest time of the year is approaching and first up is Thanksgiving! Waseem and I love to entertain and host our families but this year, for the first time, we’ll be a twosome on Thanksgiving day. I’m not too bummed about it because we’ll be with family the rest of the weekend and I’m actually excited for us to have an intimate little Thanksgiving for two! I always pull out my wedding china when entertaining for a forever elegant and safe look but this year I’m ready for some color! I pulled a few things from my cabinets and grabbed a couple bouquets of roses to brainstorm ideas for my table. I recently picked out a few dinnerware pieces from Good Earth and I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to continue adding to my collection & my new china cabinet (man, it’s so hard to hide my age)!

Good Earth is an Indian luxury brand and their vision is extraordinary. Inspired by nature and enchanted by history, Good Earth celebrates the rich history and mysticism of India and brings an elegant east-meets-west look to my table. Every year they launch a new design collection inspired by SouthAsia’s colorful heritage. The pieces I choose are from Sarai, the final design story of their Farah Baksh 2012-2013 Collection, celebrating the breathtaking beauty of Kashmir. The Sarai collection tells the story of Mughal Emperor Jehangir and his wife Nur Jahan who were so enamored by Kashmir that they would travel over the snowy Pir Panjal mountain range on Elephants to spend their summer there. Farah Baksh is the garden the emperor built for his wife and was his dream project. 1. What didn’t that man do for his wife?! 2. I think I need to visit India again.. properly this time! I mean, look how much I rambled lol. #PermanentWanderlust

My dinnerware pieces are hand decorated fine bone china with 24 carat gold detailing, so gorgeous and luxe! I still need to pick up some placemats but first I wanted to decide on my flowers. I swear I stood at the flowershop for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to match my china but still have some orange in there – I mean it’s Thanksgiving, hello! My final bouquet ended up being pretty springy and reminded me of the Ivy in Beverly Hills. Oh well, flowers are meant to be cheery! What should I do about my mats/runner?! Leave me some ideas in the comments section! xo

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