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A Belated Valentine’s Day Tutorial

الله‎ and Evil Eye gold & diamond necklaces by @georgethejeweler | Y Layered Necklace: Baublebar

Happy Friday!

Ha! If you follow me on Instagram & caught my stories these past couple weeks, I’m sure you saw I was stuck editing this video for what felt like forever! This was my first time filming in 4k, & I do have to say that the quality of the footage looked incredible, but I just can’t do that again before updating my iMac’s RAM. Holy Moly!

I created this romantic glam look and was planning on getting it up before Valentine’s Day to give y’all some inspo but alas… its late! I’m a heavy glam girl no matter the season or occasion so I’d wear this look year-round anyways. If you’re into my makeup looks, I’m gonna guess that we’re on the same wave length! Enjoy the look & let me know what you think!

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Instagram Makeup | Full Face Contour, Highlight, Baking

Happy Monday! Weeee I’m super excited about today’s makeup tutorial because it’s probably my favorite makeup I’ve done on myself yet. I don’t know if it’s because I really took the time to show you contouring, highlighting, and baking, but it finished so flawlessly! I hope you all love it too! I wanted to do a tutorial on Instagram makeup. To me, this is the look that’s trending all over the insta-sphere, and it’s also a look that a lot of people hate.. its pretty polarizing. Glam girls love it but a lot of MUAs in the industry hate it for how bold and harsh it can be. Different strokes for different folks! A girl like me loves me some cake, so be prepared to watch me layer it on!! 🙂


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Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder | Review

Woohoo we’re halfway through the week! Today I’m sharing with you one of my absolute favorite products – woohoo x2! It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, I use them in almost every video and I am forever recommending them. They reflect light in the the most subtle, natural looking way and leave a soft-focus finish to the skin – leaving you looking absolutely flawless! A couple years back I purchased the Ambient Lighting Palette and that’s where my love affair began. Hourglass is a bit pricey but not only are they worth the money IMO, these powders are baked so they really last forever! I’ve barely made a dent in my first palette and since then I’ve bought a couple Ambient Lighting Blushes as well as the limited edition Ambient Lighting Edit. Being a true believer in the brand and product I was so excited to receive the new Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders on my doorstep, thank you Hourglass!!!

I’ve been using Incandescent Strobe Light in my latest few videos and now that I’ve properly researched the product a bit I realize I incorrectly described the new powders in a recent video. For some reason I was thinking that these were the same as the OG Ambient Lighting Powders and that “Strobe Lighting Powders” was just a classification of the new four shades.. wrong! They’re a new product all together! The original Ambient Lighting Powder is a finishing powder which is why I apply it at the very end of my face routine to illuminate certain high points of my face.. they create a very beautiful, polished, soft-focus glow; they are not a highlighter. The new Strobe Lighting Powders are somewhere in-between that and a highlighter – they’re designed to sculpt the face with light, creating depth and dimension for a refined, natural-looking highlight which is exactly what I was getting at when I was rambling about these powders on snapchat last week. For those of you that missed my snaps, I was demonstrating how and where I apply my Strobe Lighting powder. I apply it to the apples of my cheeks (not my cheekbones where my highlighter goes) to create a lifted, sculpted appearance as if I got my cheeks done. I’ve been getting so many compliments about my contour lately and I have to say that I haven’t changed my contour technique or routine at all.. I must have unintentionally been strobing! We’ve seen all the viral strobing videos using gobs and gobs of highlighter but I have to say that this is true strobing! I’m not knocking highlighting because I use these and still apply a highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones – I just wanted to distinguish between the two. I think these will be especially great for women that have a bit of imperfection to their skin; shimmers and highlights accentuate these imperfections but with the Strobe Lighting Powder’s concentrated ultra-fine mico-pearl particles will reflect light in a subtle, glow-from-within type of way. No metallic finish.

These four shades are universal for all skintones so there is no wrong selection – it all comes down to personal preference. I’ve been using Incandescent Strobe Light which is a light pinky-beige and I just realized that it was originally in the Ambient Lighting Palette! No wonder I gravitated towards it immediately -_- I need to hide it so I actually experiment with the others. Iridescent Strobe Light is an illuminating pink, Euphoric Strobe Light is a pearlescent beige (neutral), & Brilliant Strobe Light is a light yellow golden shade.

Hourglass also just released the Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor, a dual ended sponge that allows you to precisely apply your powders and sculpt the high points of your face. The edges and tip are perfect for the bridge of your nose and cupids bow!

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How to Create my Signature Beauty Look

As much as I love going full glam, again and again I find myself without enough time to go the full nine yards. Today I’ll be sharing with you a few key steps that make achieving my signature beauty look as easy as pie! I rave constantly about my favorite makeup products, faithful staples as well as new discoveries; its obvious that selecting the right makeup products is crucial in creating a flawless face but one thing we tend to overlook is our brushes which is equally as important. With the right brushes, your makeup will work harder and reach their full potential.

I’ve recently discovered SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Brushes and they’ve found their forever home in my kit. Developed with the Sephora Pro team for over a year and hand shaped by trained artisans, they are the most luxurious brushes I’ve ever used. My makeup has never looked better and I secretly feel so fabulous with the brushes in hand, they are so gorgeous just to look at. The handles are elongated and are the most rich high gloss shade of black. They are also the only makeup brushes to feature all chrome ferrules! They will never yellow or look dull, the brush number is etched on so it will never rub off and the brushes will always look brand new!

Now let’s put these brushes to work!

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