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Happy New Year loves!

My little family & I just got back from spending Christmas & New Years in Japan!  This was one of our favorite trips & destinations to date and I can’t wait to share my travel diary soon. In the meantime I wanted to post my lookbook here on the blog – you’ve seen these on Instagram already but everything looks better when bigger on the blog! :)

I’ve always had trouble dressing my body-type so I’m definitely no fashionista but I loved how these looks came together! Japan has such cool style so I was really able to experiment and take a few risks. I knew it would be cold around the holidays so I ordered a BUNCH of sweaters and planned my outfits around them. To be more specific, I ordered a bunch of pink sweaters lol. While I was packing I was convinced that it’d look like the same outfit over and over but I think it all came together nicely as one cohesive lookbook!

Which look is your fav?!

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Pixi Natural Contour Powder | Shape & Shadow

Get a super-natural shaded effect with this luxe contouring powder. Easy-to-use formula enhances your natural features, creating definition when swept into the hollows of the cheeks, under the jawline, down the sides of the nose and in the crease of the eye. The formula is packed with peptides, a multi-vitamin complex, plus aloe vera, super fruit and coffee extracts to further enhance & nourish the complexion.

Anyone in a love affair with makeup within the past 5 years most likely loves to contour, I know I do! I’ve tried so many different powders over the years and am constantly changing up my routine. I swing between warm and cool, usually mixing the two and now I realize what I needed all along was a neutral-toned contour powder. I began using Pixi’s Natural Contour Powder last week and haven’t been able to stop myself from reaching for it. The powder is definitely dark, so I’m not sure if it would fare well on your fair-skinned ladies as I can only speak from personal experience; but it is a universal powder so perhaps all you need is a light hand. I layer upon layer upon layer ;)

I would describe the color as a grey-brown but it doesn’t appear ashy at all, it literally looks like a natural shadow creating a very naturally contoured look even after I build mine up as dramatic as possible. Natural & contour… you’d think that’d be an oxymoron. If you love MAC’s Blunt, you will love this! I haven’t touched Blunt in forever because it’s very easy to go overboard with it but I found myself reaching for it to pair with this.. I first contour with Pixi and then very close & tight to my ear I hollow my cheek even further with Blunt. I love the two together! Should I do an updated contour video?!

You can purchase this online at Target for easy store pickup or for a few dollars more shipped to you via Amazon!

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