Gucci Princetown Loafers | Affordable Dupes!

It’s pretty obvious that I’m more of a beauty girl than fashion. As much as I love keeping my eye on the runways and street-style (oh fashion bloggers, how do y’all do it?!), I always find myself valuing comfort when it comes to myself. Now that I’m pregnant and starting to waddle, that desire has absolutelyyy taken over; but I am super excited to start sharing cute bump-style soon! I get so excited when trends become more comfy and two shoe trends have been speaking to me for awhile now… mules & loafers! Goodbye shoe-icide. Gucci’s Princetown Loafers were the blogger shoe last year and it took me for-EVA to hunt the pair I wanted down. My husband got me a pair in October for my birthday and they’ve quickly become my favorite shoes.

For those days that I just wanted to be comfy but still stylish, or even comfy up a more dressy outfit, these loafers always came in handy! Dressed up or down, pants or dresses, these always have me looking put together (& they always get me a ton of compliments!). The Princetown with fur are still a little difficult to find but I scoured the web to see what was in stock and I put together a couple lists of affordable dupes!

I found a pair with fur in size 37.5 in stock @ Bloomingdales and a size 11.5 @ Neiman Marcus! Without fur is a lot easier, tons of links below. Just hover to see the retailer.

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