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Mommy & Me Take Mexico | Banyan Tree Mayakoba

I never quite agreed with the whole It Takes a Village philosophy with raising children; but I wholeheartedly believe in the tribe. The bonds we form throughout different stages of our lives are so special and they don’t usually form overnight.. until now. Motherhood has been such a magic potion for practically instantaneous, incredible friendships. It truly is a sisterhood.

Nothing can prepare you for those first few months: healing from a major medical event, sleep deprivation, hormones, night sweats, frustration, worry, self-doubt, and sheer joy. Luckily, the long list before the silver lining was bearable and worth it, Iya is worth it. My local mom friends are absolutely amazing and so supportive but their babies were walking talking toddlers. I’d lay awake at night feeling like I was the only one never sleeping and spend my days talking to one little human who couldn’t respond yet, not even with a smile. The feeling of isolation was defeating (but that eventual first smile for mommy was EVERYTHING 🙂 ).

I’ve known Saira & Zaineb via Instagram for some time but not on a personal level. Their babies are a few months older than Iya so I found myself connecting with each of them individually for advice (& just some company!), while they were doing the same with each other. We had quite the mom love-triangle goin’ on.. until one of us started a group chat and the rest is history! <3 These girls helped me through so many new trials, e-wiped my tears, sent me in fits of belly laughs, and always encouraged me to be the very best ME! We'd turn to each other on our low days and share the joys of even the tiniest of milestones. A great support system and a little bit of self-care is so so important. A good mommy needs to be a well cared for mommy! Back in September we stayed up late one night sending each other TBTs reminiscing over our pre-mom days (& bodies LOL) and began planning a girls-trip to just get away and get a break. We very quickly realized that it wasn't our babies or our responsibilities that we needed a break from, but rather the monotony of daily life...

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Win an All-Inclusive Trip for two to Mexico!

¡Hola mis amores!

If you keep up with me on social media you know that I was in Mexico last week – sorry for all of the Instagram and Snapchat spammage! 🙂 It was my very first trip to Mexico and it was just a dreammm.. the area was so beautiful and the people were so warm and kind. I spent my time in Riviera Nayarit, about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no damage to the region unlike other areas after Hurricane Patricia hit in October. While Mexico might be holding some grudges towards that Patricia in particular, the nation wants us to know that there are no hard feelings towards the good Patricias of the world and wants them all to visit! Mexico is giving the good Patricias a chance to win an all-inclusive vacation to the region @! Don’t worry if you have a different name because the winners get to bring a friend, aka you, so share the word!

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