Mommy & Me Take Mexico | Banyan Tree Mayakoba

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Mommy Tribe

I never quite agreed with the whole It Takes a Village philosophy with raising children; but I wholeheartedly believe in the tribe. The bonds we form throughout different stages of our lives are so special and they don’t usually form overnight.. until now. Motherhood has been such a magic potion for practically instantaneous, incredible friendships. It truly is a sisterhood.

Nothing can prepare you for those first few months: healing from a major medical event, sleep deprivation, hormones, night sweats, frustration, worry, self-doubt, and sheer joy. Luckily, the long list before the silver lining was bearable and worth it, Iya is worth it. My local mom friends are absolutely amazing and so supportive but their babies were walking talking toddlers. I’d lay awake at night feeling like I was the only one never sleeping and spend my days talking to one little human who couldn’t respond yet, not even with a smile. The feeling of isolation was defeating (but that eventual first smile for mommy was EVERYTHING 🙂 ).

I’ve known Saira via Instagram for some time but not on a personal level. Her daugther is 6 months older than Iya so I found myself connecting with her often for advice (& just some company!)

She’s helped me through so many new trials, e-wiped my tears, sent me in fits of belly laughs, and always encouraged me to be the very best ME! We’d turn to each other on our low days and share the joys of even the tiniest of milestones. A great support system and a little bit of self-care is so so important. A good mommy needs to be a well cared for mommy! Back in September we stayed up late one night sending each other TBTs reminiscing over our pre-mom days (& bodies LOL) and began planning a girls-trip to just get away and get a break. We very quickly realized that it wasn’t our babies or our responsibilities that we needed a break from, but rather the monotony of daily life.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Hailing from LA & Toronto – we decided Mexico was the perfect destination since we could both fly direct with similar flight times! I wanted to stay somewhere that was obviously family friendly but with a boutiquey feel. With babies in tow the last thing I wanted was a big box hotel with packed pools and kids running around everywhere. We needed an easygoing atmosphere for our easygoing itinerary of doing nothing (& loving it!)

In comes the cream of the crop, Banyan Tree Mayakoba. From my porter at the airport to my driver on the way to the hotel, everyone was so impressed with our plans for the week when I told them where we were staying! Banyan Tree Mayakoba was not only so generous in hosting the six of us, they gave us some pretty incredible digs! We stayed in a three bedroom family residence complete with three bedrooms (duh!), our very own private rooftop pool, a courtyard, & full kitchen! I loved that the bedrooms were on their own floor so the babies could sleep without us disturbing them – hello three different nap schedules!

From the moment my driver pulled into the exclusive Mayakoba complex, I was blown away by the stunning grounds; and even more-so when we arrived at the hotel. With a fusion of Asian and Mexican design woven into a lush mangrove forest, I felt like we were worlds away. You have to take the boat ride on the river amongst the mangroves even if you’re not going anywhere. Go for a spin, it’s absolutely stunning!

The favorite part of our day was always breakfast! First thing in the morning, our babies were on the same schedule and ready to go lol! The buffet spread was amazing with a few made to order stations where I stuffed myself on delicious french toast and burritos daily – what a combo! The property was so quiet and peaceful, we loved taking a walk with our strollers each morning after breakfast. Every other meal was a toss up with our three babies on different schedules in different timezones so we actually only made it out to dinner once! I have to say dinner was my highlight of our trip and the girls won’t stop making fun of me for it lol! We ate at their Thai restaurant, Saffron. The ambiance was so pretty and romantic + the food and service were incredible! It just felt great to have a “girls night out” even with our sleepy, fussy babies! I haven’t had a GNO in so long!

Our trip was so beautiful & special, we’ll cherish the memories with our babies forever! Thank you Banyan Tree Mayakoba for your generosity, hospitality, & the much needed departure from everyday life. We cannot wait to visit again!

(sigh, EDIT. One of these girls seemed to have buddied up with me when i was newly post-partum JUST to take advantage of opportunities like this one. Its sad and it hurt but I hope she enjoyed the trip and shoutouts. I still believe in the tribe though, it was just a bizarre situation. Just a little disclaimer because I know a lot of you noticed the friendship disappear lol)

Join us for the Next Getaway!

We’ve gotten such a tremendous response to our trip and the sentiments behind it that all I wanna do is share the experience with you too! I’m looking to organize a trip like this later this year that you and your babies can join us on! I’ve gotten to know so many of you mamas this year via social media and I think it’s time that we all bond!

If this is something you’d be interested in, do me a couple favors:

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  • Introduce yourself in the comments below (don’t forget your IG, I’d love to check you out!) & leave some of your thoughts on the getaway. Examples…
    • Where you’d like it to be? I know it isn’t easy traveling with a baby, so really let me know!
    • What would you like to do/experience with other mamas?
    • What is your realistic-ish price point for a weekend away?

If you’re a brand that’d like to be a part of this experience, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email! Teamwork makes the dream work!

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