Barbie Sugar Skull Tutorial

Do overrrr!!! I tried to do my first sugar skull last year and it was such a fail. I was so bummed out because I was super excited about doing it too! I went out and bought all these face paints and it just wasn’t happening lol! My face was so stiff, it felt like a clay mask. Any time i moved my face or spoke the paint would crack, and it was next to impossible to blend any makeup on top of it. So this year I went back to the drawing board and instead of using any costume stuff, I wanted to use just.. makeup! I went and bought the lightest shade foundation i could find at the drugstore and it totally gave me that ghost-face look I was hoping for and i was able to apply makeup beautifully on top. For my fair girls here, I’m not sure what to recommend for you :-/ perhaps someone can chime in below! Of courseee I went the pink & purple barbie inspired route but I think it turned out pretty cute!
Enjoy the tutorial, I hope you like it! xoxo

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Hot pink headband: Little Miss Obsessive
Lucky Horse Charm: Velvet Caviar
Necklace: WildxPheonix