How to Create my Signature Beauty Look


As much as I love going full glam, again and again I find myself without enough time to go the full nine yards. Today I’ll be sharing with you a few key steps that make achieving my signature beauty look as easy as pie! I rave constantly about my favorite makeup products, faithful staples as well as new discoveries; its obvious that selecting the right makeup products is crucial in creating a flawless face but one thing we tend to overlook is our brushes which is equally as important. With the right brushes, your makeup will work harder and reach their full potential.


I’ve recently discovered SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Brushes and they’ve found their forever home in my kit. Developed with the Sephora Pro team for over a year and hand shaped by trained artisans, they are the most luxurious brushes I’ve ever used. My makeup has never looked better and I secretly feel so fabulous with the brushes in hand, they are so gorgeous just to look at. The handles are elongated and are the most rich high gloss shade of black. They are also the only makeup brushes to feature all chrome ferrules! They will never yellow or look dull, the brush number is etched on so it will never rub off and the brushes will always look brand new!

Now let’s put these brushes to work!


My holy grail undereye concealer found its counterpart! I’ve been using small tapered brushes to apply my concealer for years and the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 flawlessly buffs the product to a smooth finish. These bristles are short and synthetic allowing you to build to your desired level of coverage but always keeping it even. My current concealer of choice is Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Medium Sand.


My undereye formula is most asked about but the steps are simple! After we’ve laid down our undereye concealer it needs to be set heavily with a powder to hold its look all day. The SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Contour Brush #79 has the perfect tapered tip to fit in those hard to reach corners under the eye. My powder of choice changes on the daily depending on how my skin is behaving but this brush is great for picking up and laying down either loose or pressed powders. Banana from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is always a safe choice but if I’m in the mood to bake, Tarte’s Smooth Operator Finishing Powder is perfect. This brush is great for packing on the product and brushing excess away when you’re finished.


After highlighting, we contour! Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer (shade 04) is the iconic original and never fails me. SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Flawless Bronzer Brush #46  effortlessly blends the product into my cheekbones and jawline with its dense rounded bristles. This step is very easy and effortless but one that cannot be skipped.


Now that our base highlight and contour is set in place, the fun can begin! Most would guess eyes but my absolute favorite area to work on is cheeks! It took me a long time to get comfortable applying my blush; if the brush was too big it would look messy, if it was too small then the application would be too heavy handed and streaky. SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Small Blush and Contour Brush #74 is the perfect size, shape, and density for my little face. My favorite blush is Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta and I like to apply it right behind the apples of my cheeks. This brush’s small size hugs my curves right where I need it. I even like it to contour the hollows of my cheeks even further, the bristles are large enough for different types of pressed powders but small enough to precision work as well.


The icing on the literal cake is cheek highlight! Becca’s Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfectors are my favorite to highlight with but I always struggled to find the perfect applicator. Just like blush, if the brush was too big the application would be too messy. I needed something small and dense that’s made to build up product. SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Flawless Airbrush #56 is perfect! This brush can be used with all different types of powder or foundation and is ideal for building coverage in layers until the desired look is achieved. You all know how much I love my layers! I like that this brush is rounded but somewhat flat making it very easy to press my highlighter along my cheekbone without it ending up on my undereyes or too far down on my cheek. I love how easy it is to control my product with this brush. Precision is so important with shimmers, you don’t want to accentuate large pores or blemishes by accidentally placing it in the wrong area.


If time is limited, I don’t mind foregoing eyeshadow all together as long as I’m able to draw on my cat-eye and apply a lash. Sephora has an amazing range of eyeliner brushes that make the most difficult step easy peasy. My favorite eyeliner brushes are SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Angled Liner Brush #22 and SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Winged Liner #37. They both have synthetic bristles allowing creams and liquids to glide on buttery smooth with ultra precision. I like using the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Angled Liner Brush #22 for my lashline, the short bristles hug my lashes and line with exactness. The SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Winged Liner in #37 is the best for creating the perfect wing as it was designed to help achieve sharp, thin lines; what the flick is all about!


Liquid lipsticks have been a huge trend this year and my collection is massive. I sometimes would find myself shying away from using them and sticking to traditional matte lipsticks because I would have the hardest time lining my lips with the blunt wand. I don’t have the most defined lip-line so working with unpredictable liquids would always turn into a stressful affair. SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Angled Lip #84 solved my problems with its angled shape designed to fit the contour of lips and works especially well with liquid formulas!


There you have it! My favorite products and a few pointers on how to get my signature beauty look! I spend most of my time on my base and cheeks so when it comes to the rest – a matte lip and perfect winged liner is all I need. But like I said with practically every step, precision is key!

Sponsored by Sephora, all thoughts and opinions are my own!