The Ritz Carlton, San Juan | Puerto Rico


TGIF! I hope everyone’s week is winding down easily!

I made my first trip to Puerto Rico two weeks ago with my BFF and had such an amazing time!! We split our trip in half, starting in San Juan and finishing off on the east side of the island in Fajardo. I’ll get in to everything we did and experienced when I do my full Puerto Rico travel diary but today I’m sharing with you where we spent our first couple days — The Ritz Carlton, San Juan. We landed around 1 and were surprised to see how close the hotel was to the airport, less than 10 minutes drive. Old San Juan is about a 15 minute drive from the hotel as well so the location was very convenient. The property is classically elegant, we pulled up to the hotel on a brick cul-de-sac hidden away by lush palms. Luckily for us, our room was ready even though we arrived a couple hours before check-in time. We had a private check-in at the club lounge, everyone was so friendly and hospitable and made us feel ultra comfortable. We were able to grab premium drinks and snacks in the club all day and enjoyed a fabulous breakfast there during our mornings which you’ll see down below.

Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-1 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-2 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-3


We were greeted with some yummy welcome goodies in our room! Everything was so fresh and delicious.

Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-10 12132408_1195903353760433_1992711332109477416_o Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-12

We had a gorgeous view of the pool and ocean from our balcony, we loved having our coffee here in the morning and catching the sunset in the evening.

12110029_1196250917059010_8126234096817697669_oRitz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-37Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-8Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-14 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-15 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-16 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-17

We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast buffet in the quiet and spacious club lounge every morning.

Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-22 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-23 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-24 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-25 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-26 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-27 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-28

The pool area was my absolute favorite, I love the lion fountains the most! The pool was never crowded, there was always lots of available seating and the water was so comfortably warm. I believe the pool is open 24/7!

Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-29 12045511_1196330020384433_6381405900094173047_oRitz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-30 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-31 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-32

Yummy virgin piña coladas by the pool!

Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-33 Ritz-Carlton-Four-Seasons-35

The pool area opens up in the back to the Ritz’s private beach-front with plenty of seating. We didn’t take a dip in the ocean since we were loving the pool so much –  but I was able to take my drone on it’s first spin and captured this photo of the property! How’d I do?

DCIM102GOPROG0337902. Gracias to The Ritz Carlton, San Juan for taking such wonderful care of us during our stay!