Moroccanoil Favorites


I’ve been a huge fan of Moroccanoil products since college and they were actually the ones to begin the whole argan oil craze so I am super excited to partner up with them today on this post! From the original Moroccanoil treatment I discovered the Luminous Hairspray, and then the Dry Shampoo, Curl Cream, Blow Dry Cream.. the list goes on and on. Today I’ll be chit chatting about my top 3 favorites (otherwise we’d seriously be here all day!). Not only are Moroccanoil’s argan oil-infused products high quality and work wonders on my coarse, dry hair.. everything smells SO good! Sometimes I ditch perfume all together. With winter still here in full force, adding argan oil to your beauty routine will have your hair and skin feeling and looking great for the New Year. Argan oil is jam packed with antioxidents, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E; no wonder Mediterranean women have such gorgeous skin and hair! All Moroccanoil products are infused with it and naturally help rejuvenate skin and restore shine to thirsty hair. My three Moroccanoil favorites are wonderful standalone products but I use each of them pretty regularly together in my beauty routine so let’s get to it in the same order as if I were getting ready. First up, Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil.


I’m addicted to all-sparkle-everything and this stuff does exactly as its name claims, it boosts your radiance! You can massage in a few drops wherever you’d like the light to hit: under your cheek highlight, your collarbones, & for a bronzy J lo-esque glow, your legs! in this look I applied it to my décolletage since I was rocking a pretty low neckline. This isn’t just like brushing a powder or cream highlight onto your skin, the Shimmering Body Oil is a nourishing blend of antioxidant-rich argan and sesame oils that are absorbed quickly into the skin – all while the mineral shimmers reflect light beautifully.


Next up is the product that started it all: Moroccanoil Treatment Original! This started the worldwide argan oil trend and I’ve loved it for years. Sometimes I use it right out of the shower before blowdrying since it detangles and speeds up my blowout. I don’t wash my hair often so most of the time I use the Moroccanoil Treatment as a conditioning product. My hair doesn’t get oily from not washing it, it actually dries out. When my hair is feeling a little dry or brittle I’ll work a pump through my locks and I feel as good as new. In this look I just used it as a finishing product to tame my fly-aways and restore shine.


Last up to finish off my look and keep my “bangs” in place: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray (Extra Strong). Moroccanoil carries several different levels of hold of this spray, from a light hold for soft looks to an extra strong hold for special-event hairstyles. While I’m not exactly walking red-carpets, I do always reach for the extra strong hold because my hair has a mind of it’s own and like I keep repeating.. it’s super coarse! I need something strong to keep it behaving but what I love most is that it brushes out easily. Actually, what I love most is the smell 🙂 sometimes I treat it as hair-perfume haha! Its argan oil infused (duh!) and leaves your hair shiny and protected from humidity and frizz.


And there you have it! My top 3 Moroccanoil products. While I do use many more items from their product line, I find myself reaching for these the most often so I thought you might love them too for your beauty routines! Have you taken a peek at Moroccanoil’s new texture collection?!?! If I didn’t have all this naturally built in texture, I swear I would be all over it! Sigh.


Sponsored by Moroccanoil. All thoughts and opinions are my own, I’ve been a huge fan of the brand for almost a decade!!