Paris Travel Diary

Hello my loves! Gosh, I have been MIA for awhile huh?? This year got off to a really rough start and it took me awhile to normalize and get back into a routine. Hopefully everything will be peachy from here on out! wooosah!!

We spent the holidays and New Year in London & Paris as you already know! If you missed my London Travel Diary be sure to check it out, its my absolute favorite set of travel photos yet! Because of my self-imposed high standards after that post, it made me drag my feet with getting my Paris photos done. They’re just not up to par and proves why I need to stop editing things out of order.. of course quality gets better as you progress haha.

Paris is such a special city for us, we got engaged back in 2012 at the Pont des Arts and we’ve been wanting to visit the city of love again ever since! We had just a couple days of our trip to spend in Paris so we took it pretty easy. We dined with friends and did the touristy thing visiting all the landmarks.

Let’s get on with the photos, you know there are a ton!

irenesarah-Paris-2015 irenesarah-Paris-2015-2

We stayed in the Bastille neighborhood… do not stay here lol! We don’t know our neighborhoods so we thought it’d be a hip, fun, local, place to stay. More like mardi gras and a frat house mixed together – it was so loud and rowdy at night, we always heard drunk people fighting. Luckily, the cobblestone road made for great photos during the day with hardly anyone around (bars weren’t open yet lol).

irenesarah-Paris-2015-5 irenesarah-Paris-2015-3 irenesarah-Paris-2015-6 irenesarah-Paris-2015-4

Our first stop after brunch was of course… La Tour Eiffel! Not touristy at all 😉

irenesarah-Paris-2015-15irenesarah-Paris-2015-9 irenesarah-Paris-2015-8 irenesarah-Paris-2015-7irenesarah-Paris-2015-10 irenesarah-Paris-2015-14

Sorry Waseem lol! It’s not his fault, the wind was insane!

irenesarah-Paris-2015-12 irenesarah-Paris-2015-13 irenesarah-Paris-2015-11

To make our Bastille experience even more nightmare-ish. Our AirBnB host must have just washed his sheets and blanket and plopped it back on the bed without drying. European apartments are teeny tiny and there was nowhere else for me to rest other than the wet bed wahhh! I was so sick almost the entirety of our trip so when we arrived at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, we gave a huge NOPE to the line to enter and just enjoyed the gorgeous grounds and architecture of the cathedral. No sign of Esmerelda though!

irenesarah-Paris-2015-17 irenesarah-Paris-2015-18 irenesarah-Paris-2015-19 irenesarah-Paris-2015-21


The last stop on our uber-touristy day was Musée du Louvre. I have such fond memories of the Louvre from our 2012 trip. It was the day after we got engaged and our last day in Paris so we all kinds of serene and carefree. We spent the day at the museum in our matching sweats and kept taking breaks to sit and play temple run on our phones. We actually missed the Mona Lisa all together because the exhibit was closing after we finished our last temple run sesh lol literally missed by a few minutes… are we typical millennials or what? A cute memory I’ll always remember.

I love this photo-set, I might have to break it off into it’s own post soon so I apologize in advance for the double post 🙂

irenesarah-Paris-2015-25irenesarah-Paris-2015-34 irenesarah-Paris-2015-33 irenesarah-Paris-2015-32irenesarah-Paris-2015-28 irenesarah-Paris-2015-31 irenesarah-Paris-2015-30 irenesarah-Paris-2015-29 irenesarah-Paris-2015-27 irenesarah-Paris-2015-26


Our handsome friends John & Mike! We met them while we were traveling in Rio de Janeiro over the summer and they were visiting from Paris. It was bromance at first sight.


Photos are a bit out of order – we had dinner here our first night, Kong. The food was described as French-Japanese and although it was yummy, there wasn’t anything sophisticated about it for the price. I’m not a food snob by any means so the views and experience made up for it and I wasn’t bothered. I ordered a crispy chicken dish and it was literally chicken nuggets lol! Delicious chicken nuggets nonetheless but definitely not 32€ worth chicken nuggets. The best part was the gorgeous view of Louis Vuitton HQ next door!

irenesarah-Paris-2015-38irenesarah-Paris-2015-40 irenesarah-Paris-2015-39 irenesarah-Paris-2015-41