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In this world of social media and Pinterest, celebrating every milestone to the fullest is becoming more of a norm than a novelty. Me, being the perpetually extra person that I am, have absolutely no complaints about this new age of gender reveals, babymoons, and push presents! Waseem and I have traveled quite a bit since getting married four years ago but a dream babymoon was something I just had to have IRL. Waseem really is my best friend. One night it clicked in both of our heads that soon.. we won’t be able to spontaneously jump in the car at 1am for snacks or have random 90s dance parties for two in our living room (shhh.. the baby’s sleeping!). As much as we’ve wanted and prayed for this baby.. the era of just us is coming to an end. We just needed one last hurrah before two becomes three.

A few weeks ago we made it happen and set off for one of my most-lusted-after destinations.. Bora Bora! We were supposed to go two months earlier but because of work conflicts on my end, it kept getting pushed and pushed. I won’t lie, I was very nervous about traveling in my third trimester, but after really assessing what my pregnancy experience has been like and getting cleared for travel by my doctor (this is most important!) – I felt confident in my decision. Even with the confidence, I had to make sure I was prepared; putting my (& baby’s) safety and comfort first!

Before we move on to cute bikinis and tanning oil.. I spent a lot of time researching what to do in an emergency, what kind of medical coverage I’d have, all that jazz. Please mommies, even if you’re having a low risk pregnancy and your doctor says you’re good to go.. make sure you talk to your insurance company and have a crystal clear understanding of your coverage and know which hospital you would/could go to. I read an article about a Canadian couple whose baby came early while babymooning in Hawaii… their bill was just short of a million US dollars. Girl, bye lol! Also make sure you double check your airline’s policy that they’ll let you on board, I was one day shy of my cut-off for my return flight – phew! No one asked for anything but having an up to date copy of your prenatal medical records is always a good idea too (some airlines require it.. double, triple check!). Lastly, duh.. don’t forget your vitamins!

Alrighty.. on to the fun stuff! 🙂


The direct flight from LA to Tahiti luckily was only 8 hours so I wasn’t too intimidated, I’ve been on much longer. I figured after a nap and a couple movies, we’d be there! Being comfortable during those 8 hours was absolutely imperative to me though and something I couldn’t leave to chance. My biggest worries being lower back pain and swollen feet. My Boppy pregnancy wedge pillow has been an absolute Godsend this entire pregnancy, I don’t know what I’d do without it. It relieves lower back pressure when I’m sitting up (propped behind me), and now that I’m bigger it takes the weight off my belly when I sleep on my side (propped under my belly of course!). I lost it while we were packing up and checking out of the resort and I was devestateddddd!!!! Luckily Air France took great care of me and gave me a huge fluffy pillow for our flight back, phew! My doctor told me to make sure to get up and walk around every hour or two to keep the blood moving in my legs. To help with circulation and swelling, I bought a pair of compression socks before our trip – so comfy! I felt like they even helped alleviate restless legs. Shoes I could easily slip in and out of were helpful for my frequent laps (& bathroom trips!). I’ve always been obsessed with my Birkenstocks but they’ve been especially comfortable while preggo!

This is more of an everyday mention rather than travel specific but omg comfy underwear lol! I have been living in these under the bump panties and nursing bras (with the pads taken out) day in & day out – I couldn’t imagine sitting for 8 hours in anything else! And of course.. don’t forget to stay hydrated. I love this pregnancy bottle, it has cute weekly stickers and hourly markers to keep you on your toes with drinking enough water!


I’ve always been kinda blah about my body because of my midsection, so I’m pretty much still wearing all of my same clothes lol – flowy tops and shift dresses, just nothing with a waistband now! I didn’t even bother packing heels and stuck to tried-and-true flats that I knew were comfortable. I wouldn’t trust a new pair of shoes before they’re broken in, even if they’re flats, while this pregnant!

I never wore 2-piece swimsuits previously and wasn’t necessarily planning on it while pregnant but I was a little turned off by maternity swimsuits (& don’t like that I’d have no use for them after!) and couldn’t fit into my usuals so I ended up wearing the same bikini the whole trip that’s just been hiding away for years. I don’t think the brand is in business anymore but the key to comfort was that the bottoms were low rise and therefore under the bump! I did bring a few one pieces that have the mid section cut out and they were super cute but I think they’d be more comfortable for 2nd trimester-ers. Being this big, I’m just all about under-the-bump everything, I don’t like anything touching it at this point! But, to be honest I thought a baby bump in a 2-piece was suuuper cute anyways! Hubs thought so too!

Skin & Body Care

Between the long flights, sun exposure, & dips in the lagoon, I wanted to make sure I kept my skin nice & hydrated.. especially now that I’m moving into stretch mark territory *cries*. Don’t forget your sun protection btw!

Let me know below what your dream babymoon (or honeymoon if you’re not there yet!) destination is! I’ll have a full travel diary up next week of our stay at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora – in the meantime enjoy mine & Waseem‘s Instagram photos from our trip! xo

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