Amazon Prime Toddler Vacation Outfits

Hello from Amman! I gotta say I really nailed it with Iya’s outfits on our long Middle East & North Africa travels. Our initial departure date was very up in the air as it kept getting rescheduled (long story). Originally, I thought I had literally 4 days to prepare so I got almost all of Iya’s wardrobe from Amazon (thank you 2 day shipping!) Amazon is very hit or miss in terms of quality like aliexpress, but its way faster than AE and you can always find what you’re looking for regardless of the season. I wanted neutral, earthy tones in a breathable fabric like linen/cotton blends and honestly everything was a hit! I think my choice in fabric & texture was the key to not ending up with cheap synthetic feeling pieces.

As an honorable non-Amazon mention… Iya LOVES these jelly sandals! I bought them right before we left and she refused to wear any of the other shoes that I packed for her (I had to force others for rough terrains lol)! I hopped online while in Madinah and saw they’re allllll available online and super discounted! I bought 10 pairs in her next two sizes and they’re waiting for us at home HAHA!! They’re on two separate product pages in different colors HERE & HERE — get an additional 20% off with code SWEET!

cute boho baby outfits from amaz

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