Bipasha Basu Wedding Makeup


It’s Friday!!! *happy dance*

I am closing out the week today with one of my favorite tutorials ever! So many of you seem to think so as well 😉 thank you for the buckets of love (& screenshots!) on Snapchat yesterday while I was filming this. I love when we can all share the excitement haha!

Bipasha Basu got married recently and her photos have been all over my twitter feed.. holy smokes she looked perfect!! It was only after admiring her traditional look that I realize I’ve never seen a famous Bengali bride before!! I wish I could rewind three years and do my wedding all over again. I kept catching myself going back to look at her photos so I thought I would do my best to recreate the look. Its my favorite yet & I hope you guys love it too!!! I wore it out to dinner last night without the eyebrow decoration and a lipstick change and it wore flawlessly with a matte brown lip too!