Deepika Padukone Diwali Makeup

Hello my loves!!! I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend. I wanted to wish those of you celebrating, a very happy Diwali! I really enjoyed seeing everyone getting festive, dolled up, and celebrating via social media and I saw a photo of Deepika Padukone heading out to the Bachans’ Diwali party looking like absolute perfection (as always!). I don’t keep up with Bollywood movies but I definitely girlcrush over many of the actresses and the one that my eyes keep going back to is Deepika *heart eyes*. To be honest, when I looked at this makeup closer it looked so messy to me but she wore it flawlessly… me on the other hand can’t wear effortlessly messy looks – I just look like a slob haha so I did my best recreating her forest green smokey eye but polished it up a tad! What do you guys think?