El Conquistador, a Waldorf Astoria Resort | Puerto Rico


In the quiet town of Fajardo, you’ll find one of Puerto Rico’s nicest and most well known resorts, El Conquistador, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. This resort sits on top of a 300 foot cliff overlooking both the Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea. The views are truly picturesque and we were lucky to be able to take it all in from our cliff-top room. The grounds are huge so we really appreciated the hospitality upon checking in – we would have been completely lost trying to find our room and getting our luggage there would be even more difficult.

The resort is beyond self sufficient. If you’re the resort-y type that loves to relax at a fab hotel, by the pool, or on the beach you literally won’t have to leave. El Conquistador offers personal concierges, pre-arranged babysitting, four freshwater swimming pools, a huge golf course, seven tennis courts (yes, seven!), 32 restaurants, bars, & lounges, a water park, private island….. I can go on & on!

After settling into our room we decided to head down to the waterpark, Coquí, where we enjoyed slides, a lazy river, and an infinity pool. It was so fun to be a kid again with my BFF! We took a cable car down the cliff to then walk over to the waterpark which gave us even more stunning views and a nice walk past the marina. The marina offers deep-sea fishing charters, sailboats, catamarans, & yachts BTW! Now about El Conquistador’s private island… Palomino Island: you can enjoy horseback riding, scuba diving, and so much more. I swear I felt like I needed a week just to explore the property! A water taxi leaves to and from Palomino Island from the resort every 30 minutes so its very easy to go back and forth and I’m sure the water taxi ride itself is a fun adventure! I had my heart totally set on horseback riding but unfortunately we didn’t get to check out Palomino Island due to time constraints :-/ I’ll get into why and everything we explored when I do my full Puerto Rico travel diary! For now, I know you’re dying to see photos so please enjoy & I’ll chat as you scroll….

Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-3 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-4 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-10

The island straight ahead is private condominiums.. how crazy is that?!

Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-14Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-5 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-6


Palomino Island to the left & a water taxi on its way back.. so beautiful!

Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-15Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-16 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-17 DCIM103GOPROG0448740. DCIM103GOPROG0458778. Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-20 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-21 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-22

Our room was in the building you can see on top of the cliff where the cable cars lead.


One thing I love about being up high is watching the weather. It was so fun to watch rainstorms in the distance and the sun beaming down in other areas.


I absolutely recommend getting a cliff view, perfect views in any which way you look. To the right is the main building of the resort.

Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-24 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-25 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-26

The cliff views coupled with the rich blue water had me feeling like I was in the Mediterranean! How fab does my BFF look walking towards the pools? She matches the flowers and everything!

Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-27 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-28 Conquistador-Waldorf-Astoria-Puerto-Rico-29 DCIM101GOPROG0241749.

I’ll be checking back in soon with my full Puerto Rico travel diary! In the meantime, be sure to check out where we stayed in San Juan HERE!